Ledige masteroppgaver i Geofarer og geomekanikk

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Laboratory modelling of slow-moving landslides 22. feb. 2021
Laboratory modelling of magma/fault interactions 23. okt. 2020
Thrusting versus folding: Laboratory modeling of compressional tectonics in the layered crust 23. okt. 2020
Studying the impact of granular features on triaxial behaviour in sand – combine micromechanics and advanced lab testing 7. okt. 2020
Deformation of Unconsolidated Sediments and its Impact on CO2 Storage 9. sep. 2020
Satellite radar image time series for detection of surface changes related to hydrology, geohazards, cryosphere, etc. 31. aug. 2020
Remote sensing of slope instabilities 31. aug. 2020
Determination of seismic velocities on the Åknes unstable rockslope 9. okt. 2019
Design flood estimation for different durations 4. okt. 2019
Laboratory modelling of caldera collapse in volcanic systems 4. okt. 2019
Numerical modelling of volcano stability with application to caldera collapse 4. okt. 2019
Mechanisms of magma emplacement in sedimentary basins: Numerical modelling 4. okt. 2019
Mechanisms of magma emplacement in sedimentary basins: Quantitative laboratory modelling 4. okt. 2019
Using machine learning to reveal rock physics 23. sep. 2019
The energy budget of the Nankai accretionary wedge 23. sep. 2019
Flood risk analysis in Oslo 26. aug. 2019
Fluid expulsion in low permeability rocks and the mechanism of reaction-driven fracturing 20. aug. 2019
Historisk informasjon i flomanalyser 7. nov. 2017
Linking geomechanics, fluid flow and seismic wave propagation 21. sep. 2017