Ledige masteroppgaver i Meteorologi og oseanografi

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Tracing the impact of grazing on the carbon balance of grassland ecosystem: implement grazing management in FATES and evaluate at Three-D sites 12. nov. 2020
Importance of ice crystal shape in Arctic cirrus clouds as retrieved from halo photography 26. okt. 2020
Prediction of hazardous conditions for Arctic marine operators 2. okt. 2020
Ocean - atmosphere interactions in the northern Barents Sea 2. okt. 2020
Vind- og solenergipotensialet i norske høyfjellsområder 22. nov. 2019
Våtavsetning av radioaktive partikler 22. nov. 2019
Kopling av aerosoler til skyfysikk og nedbørprosesser i meso-skala modeller 22. nov. 2019
Can we model frost conditions for individual streets in Oslo? 20. nov. 2019
Modelling of climate response to increased forest cover in Southern Norway 18. okt. 2019
Was Donald Duck right (but wrong)? What does it take to make rain in the dessert? 17. okt. 2019
Extremely large/super-size eruptions and their impacts on the i) polar (SSW), and ii) tropical (QBO) atmosphere 4. okt. 2019
A plastic gyre under pressure - how climate change and natural variability conspire to disturb the peace 23. sep. 2019
The flow across submarine canyons off the North-Norwegian coast 11. sep. 2019
Combining satellite and ground-based remote sensing of mixed-phase cloud properties in the Arctic 27. juni 2019
Development of a new drop freezing technique for quantifying the concentration of ice nucleating particles in the atmosphere 27. juni 2019
Development of a classification algorithm for ice crystal habit using machine learning 27. juni 2019
Assessing damage from extreme winter events in remote sensing datasets 26. nov. 2018
Paleocean Circulation 7. sep. 2018
The impact of submesoscale mixing in the ocean 5. sep. 2018
Basin adjustment with topography 5. sep. 2018
The stability of the Arctic Ocean boundary current 7. mars 2018
Global satellite observations of oceanic eddies 7. mars 2018
Lagrangian Coherent Structures in the Norwegian Sea 1. mars 2018
Volcanic impacts on climate and society during the 500-1250 Common Era 1. mars 2018