Hylleraas Exhibition

On April 15 2015, a small exhibition about the life and work of Egil A. Hylleraas was open at the Centre for Computational and Theoretical Chemistry (CTCC).

Several members of the Hylleraas family were present at the opening, including Hylleraas' daughter Inger Hylleraas Bø, who had donated photos, books, and a desktop computer to the exhibition. Present were also representatives of the Department of Chemistry and The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science. The event began with a brief talk about Egil Hylleraas, his life and scientific contributions by Trygve Helgaker.

The exhibition is on permanent display in the premises of the Hylleraas Centre. It was designed and prepared by Chloé Turlotte, Ellen Christina Sjøwall, Jan Ingar Johnsen, and Trygve Helgaker. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Inger Hylleraas Bø for kindly providing us with photos, books, and the desktop computer.

Inger Hylleraas Bø in conversation with Trygve Helgaker at the opening. Photo: Yngve Vogt.


Trygve Helgaker explaining how the relevance of Hylleraas' work skyrocketed in the 1990s. Photo: Gunhild M. Haugnes

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