Almløf-Gropen Lecture 2013: Prof. Henry F. Schaefer

The title of the 2013 Almlöf–Gropen lecture is  "From Donor–Acceptor Complexes to Gallium Nitride Nanorods".

Henry F. Schaefer

The Almløf-Gropen Lecturer of  2013 is Professor Henry F. Schaefer from the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA. Homepage 

( Time and place may be adjusted later. The organizers wan't to move the lecture to a bigger auditorium. Please return to this page for updates. )

Professor Schaefer is one of the world's leading chemists—he has published more than 1400 articles, cited more than 54,000 times in the literature.

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Prof. Schaefer is the director of the  Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry at the University of Georgia. (


From Donor-Acceptor Complexes to Gallium Nitride Nanorods


In this lecture we outline theoretical advances in modeling gas phase reactions leading to the formation of 13-15 binary
materials from donor-acceptor complexes. 
Recent theoretical studies of the structures, stabilities, and reactivities of 13-15 donoracceptor complexes, amido and imido compounds, as well as large 13-15 clusters and nanotubes are highlighted. 
Of particular interest here are the gallium nitride systems. Use of 13-15 compounds as single-source precursors to 13-15 alloys is discussed.
Also presented are directions for further theoretical and experimental studies in this area.










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