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Procedure for work in all IBV facilities during the coronavirus pandemic

The procedure shall ensure a safe and justifiable working environment for employees and students during the coronavirus pandemic. The purpose is to prevent infection and ensure sound management of IBV. The procedure will be evaluated continuously and is subject to revisions.

This procedure is in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines from the national government, UiO and The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. You are encouraged to stay up-to-date by checking:

General guidelines and user requirements

Illness, suspicion of infection and testing

  • If you are ill, or have been in close contact with a person with a confirmed coronavirus infection, you are not permitted to enter IBV's buildings.
  • Anyone who experiences symptoms of illness while at campus must leave campus and go home immediately.
  • If you stay at home due to suspicion of infection this should be reported to your leader.
  • All employees and students must contact the national health service themselves, in case of symptoms, confirmed infection or request for testing.
  • All employees and students can book a COVID-19 test at SiO Helse. The testing station is located at Fredrikkeplassen at Blindern. The testing must be booked in advance by calling 22 85 33 00. (More information at SiO.)

Acquaint yourself with the guidelines

  • All employees and students must acquaint themselves with the hygiene guidelines and act in accordance with these.
  • All employees and students must acquaint themselves with the guidelines and measures that follow from risk assessments and act accordingly.
  • It is encouraged that employees and students assist each other in acting in accordance with the infection prevention guidelines and procedures.

Mandatory infection prevention course

Home office

  • For staff: National regulations regarding home office also apply in Oslo. This means that there is no longer a requirement to work from home.

  • Line managers are responsible for assessing who can work from home and who should be physically present in order to take care of teaching, research, and maintenance of necessary operational functions.

  • If you are going to borrow furniture, the section leader and the person responsible for HSE  must be informed. IBV does not have the finances to pay for furniture for the home office. This must be clarified with the section leader.

  • IT can assist in the purchase of IT equipment after clarification with the section leader.

  • UiO has no agreement with courier for the delivery of furniture home.

  • Mer info from UiO: 

Local guidelines at IBV

To prevent putting IBV's research activity in the vulnerable situation where key personnel and groups of employees are simultaneously in quarantine, IBV has imposed guidelines that in some circumstances can be stricter than other parts of UiO. Some labs and facilities have their own infection prevention procedures.

All access to IBV's buildings and facilities requires that you have submitted two self declaration forms:

  1. Self declaration HSE (nettskjema). This form is the IBV HSE regulation.
  2. Self declaration COVID-19 (nettskjema). This form is for the COVID-19 situation.

Submitting these forms will serve as documentation that you have read the necessary information regarding IBV's local procedures.

Kristine Bonnevies hus

  • All entrances to Kristine Bonnevies hus can be used. Hand disinfectant is provided at all entrances, and everyone must disinfect their hands when entering.
  • The canteen is closed.
  • Remember that social distance rules also apply in elevators and staircases.

Use of lunch rooms and kitchens

  • For lunch rooms and kitchens: Based on the capacity of the ventilation system in Kristine Bonnevies hus, maximum 4 person can be allowed per one-axis at any time.
  • Surface disinfectant and facilities for washing hands/hand disinfectant is available in all lunch rooms and kitchens.
  • Users must clean their place before and after use.
  • Dishwashers must be run at about 70°C (select the appropriate program).

Use of offices and study rooms (lesesaler)

  • For offices and study rooms (lesesaler): Based on the capacity of the ventilation system in Kristine Bonnevies hus, maximum 2 person can use a one-axis office at any time (6 m2/person). Users must use their own PC and desk.
  • Users must clean their office space using surface disinfectant, 70 % alcohol, or soap water.
  • Users have to make arrangement or use other facilities if the capacity is used.
  • The capacity of the study room (lesesaler);
    • 4215 (54 m2) (9 students)
    • 4229 (28 m2) (5 students)
    • 4317 (28 m2) (5 students)
    • 4405 (28 m2) (5 students)
    • 4606 (28 m2) (5 students)
    • 4604 (20 m2) (3 students)
    • 4609 (14 m2) (2 students)
    • 4611 (43 m2) (7 students)
    • 3320 (28 m2) (5 students)
    • 3511 (14 m2) (2 students)
    • 2235 (28 m2) (5 students)
    • 2619 (64 m2) (10 students)
    • 2629 (21 m2) (3 students)
    • 1660 (84 m2) (14 students)

Use of research laboratories

  • See the overview of laboratory zones and contact persons.
  • Based on the capacity of the ventilation system in Kristine Bonnevies hus, maximum 1 person is allowed pr. 6 m2 at any time. Special emphasis must be made on keeping 1 meters distance requirement.
  • Users should book laboratories according to the lab zone's booking system. Contact the lab zone manager
  • The laboratories should offer personal lab coats for the users.
  • All work surfaces must be cleaned by the end of each day using alcohol, chlorine or other suitable disinfectant.
  • Adequate protective equipment and disinfectants should be supplied by the sections. 
  • Handwashing is required when entering and leaving the laboratory.

Specifically for the InVivo facility

In order to run the course MF9495P (practical training in basic skills), further training in research groups and making it possible to perform procedures that of various reasons demand more than one person to be present in the room and with closer distance than 1 m between individuals, the following extraordinary measures will be in place:

  • Co-presence of more than one person in the room is only allowed in vivaria, two-photon-room and surgery rooms
  • Work in the same room as others at the same time requires use of filtrating respirator and other required personal protective equipment. Visor is available for those who request it, but not mandatory.
  • Presence in the same room as another shall only take place after risk assessment and only when strictly necessary
  • All presence, regardless if it is together with another person or alone, shall be logged in the schedule
  • Other extraordinary measures are still valid

The possibility to perform the abovementioned activity is important mainly due to the progression of studies/research for the students and employees involved, to ensure animal welfare through high quality teaching and training, and to ensure continuity of the training service.

Meeting rooms

  • Meetings can be help as digital meetings. Zoom is UiO's preferred service for video meetings and remote lecturing. Guideline on how to sign in correctly.
  • When the meeting rooms are open, these rules apply:
    • Respect the limitations of the number of people allowed in the meeting rooms. Also pay attention the markings on the tables indicating which places to use. Chairs and desks must not be moved.
    • Meeting room bookings and attendees are registered in Outlook.
    • Meetings rooms will be equipped with disinfectants and must be cleaned before use. This cleaning is performed by the meeting attendees. Clean tables, handles, switches, remotes etc.


  • The nearest leader is responsible for making the procedure known to the user.
  • Each individual user is responsible for following the procedures.


Current version 15, August 12th, 2021 (general update of the procedure)
Current version 14, August 9th, 2021 (Home office.)
Current version 13, May 27th 2021 (study rooms, offices, lunch rooms) 1 meter rule (not 2 meter)
Current version 12, March 24th 2021 (study rooms, offices, labs, elevators, lunch rooms)
Current version 11, November 11th 2020 (study room lesesal and home office)
Current version 10, November 4th 2020 (Updatet links to
Current version 9, October 5th, 2020 (Update related to the use of visor in the InVivo facility)
Current version 8, August 25rd, 2020 (Revised procedure)
Current version 7, June 15th 2020 (New guidelines incorporated)
Current version 4-6, May 15th 2020 (New guidelines incorporated)
Current version 3, May 4th 2020 (Updated info under Cleaning) 
Current version 2, April 29th 2020 (Cleaning and Week-end and Bank holidays updated)
Current version 1, April 23rd 2020
First draft April 21st 2020 (Only in Norwegian)

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