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The goal for fire safety is to prevent personal injuries or loss of significant material values caused by fires.

Estate department (EA) at UiO is responsible for all fire protection at Kristine Bonnevies house.

Fire responsible: Mouhammad Alshbib, Administrative Manager - Operations Area Lower Blindern

This page contains fire safety information and policies. Make sure you have the basic skills and knowledge required to prevent and handle a fire.

General fire instructions

Emergency numbers

Fire - 110
Police - 112
Ambulance - 113

University Security and Alarm Centre: 
22 85 66 66

What do I need to know before starting working at IBV

Master students and emplopyes must complete the form.

You are responsible to keeping your information up to date.

Fire prevention training

The procedure shall ensure that employees have sufficient know-how and skills in preventing and fighting fires. Students shall receive sufficient information about how to avoid fire and act in the event of fire.


Employe and student responsibility

  • The user follow the HSE and fire protection management system at UiO.
  • Report deviations.
  • Notify EA (estate management) of conditions that may lead to an increase in the risk related to fire and spread of fire.
  • Do not carry out activities that may trigger the fire alarm.
  • Do not use open flames, such as candles, indoors.
  • Equip coffee makers, kettles etc with permanent timers.
  • Keep escape routes clear.
  • Do not block or cover fire equipment with furniture, waste or anything else.
  • Purchase, operation and maintenance of special fire protection equipment and fire protection measures related to user equipment and user activities that require installations beyond the general for the building.
  • The user must ensure that the maximum foliation of the glazing on windows and doors is 60 cm.

Download "safety app" provides you with training and advice on what you should do in emergency situations and what preventive measures you can take. However, you must always assess the situation yourself to decide what is the best thing to do in each individual case.

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