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Covid-19 measures at IBV

Below you will find information about covid-19 measures at the Department of Biosciences.

Update 24.March: Stricter measures for laboratories, offices, reading rooms and lunch rooms. 

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Who have access?

Applies until further notice

  1. Student will only have access to laboratories/fieldwork to complete compulsory exercises in ordinary subjects. This only applies to those courses where lab/field activities are planned this semester: BIOS1130, BIOS1120, BIOS2220, BIOS3910, BIOS3700 and BIO4400. If other courses have such needs, this must first be reported to the study administration and the head of education.
  2. For master students with crucial need for access to laboratories to ensure progress, supervisor can apply for access.

  3. Access must be strictly practiced. Students are not allowed to stay in buildings for any other purpose.
  4. All ordinary teaching and planned events must continue to be either postponed or made digital.
  5. Employees with need for lab and employees crucial for infrastructure have access.
  6. All other employees and emeriti should work from home.
  7. For guest researchers the rules specified in pt. 5. apply.

General rules that apply at all times: 

  1. If you have symptoms of respiratory infection or other symptoms of COVID-19, then stay at home. If you start showing symptoms while at work, you have to leave and go home.
  2. f you have symptoms of respiratory infection or other symptoms of COVID-19, you are strongly encouraged to get tested, e.g. at the UiO test centre.
  3. Oslo kommune encourages everyone to keep an overview of whom they have been in close contact with.
  4. You are encouraged to stay up-to-date by checking:

Work in all IBV facilities

This procedure covers work in all IBV facilities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Use of education facilities

This procedure covers use of education facilities (Kristine Bonnevies hus, Drøbak, Finse) and infrastructure.

Confirmed infection: related to the teaching of courses

Procedure for confirmed COVID-19 infection among students or teachers related to the teaching of courses.

Confirmed infection: staff or master’s students

Procedure for confirmed COVID-19 infection among staff or master’s students (who are working on their master’s projects).

Published Aug. 25, 2020 3:05 PM - Last modified Mar. 25, 2021 2:27 PM