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Research ethics and assosiated laws and regulation´

Quality assurance system for health and medical research

Research in health - eg. clinical testing of medicines and medical devices - should be carried out in accordance with the current professional standards and procedures of ethics and medicine. Therefore there are specific procedures that must be followed

Research ethics

UiO maintains a strong focus on research ethics, and has prepared a special plan of action for preventing academic dishonesty. The university is responsible for ensuring that research proceeds in compliance with the regulatory framework laid down in the Act relating to universities and colleges, the Public Administration Act, and the conditions stipulated by external funding sources. Deans and the heads of institutes shall maintain constant vigilance to ensure that the regulations are complied with.


Privacy protection in research

Research prosject that utilize personel information and that not fall under health and medical research, must send an application to  Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD).

To protect test persons and live by the legal imperatives UiO has developed routines for privacy protection (only available in Norwegian).

Regulations concerning research

This is a selection of the regulations concerning research at the University of Oslo. Please note that the English translations are for information purposes only. For all legal purposes, the original documents in Norwegian are the authoritative versions.



Ethics and HSE are overlapping.

Removing or replacing hazardous substances and processes is at the top priority to protect workers against risks associated with chemicals and biological factors. This is also ethics, but is described under general HSE


Procedure for Quality assurance system for health and medical research