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Environment Committee (IBV-LAMU)

The local Environment Committee´s (IBV-LAMU) goal is to work for a good working and education environment at Department of Biosciences.


In IBV-LAMU there are the same number of representatives from the employer as employees. In addtion the students has a student representative with only voting rights in students related issues. EA has a representative without voting rights. The HSE-k is the secretary for LAMU.

Employee and the employers at IBV alternate every year to lead LAMU. 

Focus areas HSE :

  • Risk assessment
  • Handling chemical 
  • Working environment


Composition LAMU-members 2017 - 2018 Vara
Employer Rein Aasland, Department head IBV, head of IBV-LAMU 2017 Paul Grini, vara Department head IBV
  Maren Onsrud, Administration manager, deputy head of IBV-LAMU 2017 Ann Elisabeth Mellbye, HR advicer IBV
Employee Klaus Høiland, Senior safety representative,
head of IBV-LAMU 2018
Rita Amundsen, Deputy senior safety representative
  Cathrine Fagernes, employee repesentative, deputy head of IBV-LAMU 2018  
Student (observer)    
EA (observer) Lasse Kaalstad, Administrative manager EA driftsområde Nedre Blindern Jan Erik Olsen, drift manager EA-nedre Blindern
Referent/secretary Kathrine Schou, HSE-c IBV Maren Onsrud, Administration manager
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