Sabrina Schultze

From Germany

I started my PhD September 19th and will be working on food web structure, function and contaminant accumulation in coastal ecosystems.

I have a background in marine biology from the university of Bremen in Germany (BSc in biology, marine ecology) and a background in both terrestrial and marine ecology/ marine ecotoxicology from the university of Tromsø in Norway (MSc in biology, northern populations and ecosystems). The focus of my Bachelor thesis was on the ecology of amphipods on wind energy platforms in the North Sea, while my Master thesis was about the ecology and response of saproxylic (deadwood) beetles to sudden and high dead wood availability in Finnmark following moth outbreaks.

After my Master degree studies I worked for two years as a teaching assistant at the institute of ecology at the university of Lüneburg in Germany.  Here I taught courses on introductory biology, ecology and some marine biology, but also a course on basic ecotoxicology (with a strong focus on ecology). I became fascinated by this topic so much that I decided that I want to focus my future research in this direction. I like interdisciplinary questions so that I am very excited that I can combine multiple aspects in my PhD here at UiO.

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