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Inger Skrede, new associate professor in Fungal Genetics

We are happy that Inger Skrede started as an Associate Professor at the Department of Biosciences earlier this year. Learn more about Inger, and the world of fungi.

Personal photo of Inger Skrede

Associate professor in Fungal Genetics, Inger Skrede. Photo: Eivind Torgersen, UiO

Inger Skrede has a background from the University of Oslo. She has a PhD in plant evolution from the Natural History Museum and have since then worked with a diversity of studies using fungal models. The small genomes of fungi allow detailed studies on the genetic mechanisms of evolutionary processes.  

Why the Department of Biosciences?

The Department of Biosciences has a large research environment interested in the genetic basis of evolutionary processes for many different organismal groups. This allows collaboration within and across sections at the Department.

I have worked at the Department for ten years already, as a post doc and researcher, and enjoy the work environment. Furthermore, I have the available resources as the microlabs, molecular lab and the sequencing centre that allow me to test my hypotheses, says Inger.

The Department is a good place to develop her research. In the next few years she hopes her ideas will continue to be fundable and she has developed a large, collaborative research group of thriving students and staff.

The exciting world of fungi

It's know very little about fungal diversity, and the evolutionary processes that creates species. We often find cryptic species, thus many new species within groups of similar looking fungi have been found.

At the moment we work on a project where we are investigating speciation mechanisms in fungi. This is super interesting. There are reproductive barriers among individuals that morphologically look identical, and we work to understand the genetic mechanisms that have created these barriers. We also work on the evolution of wood decay, and the genetic mechanisms that allow effective recycling of carbon from dead wood, she says.  

Students and teaching is inspiring 

Inger Skrede enjoys teaching and the contact with the students. This is what is mostly new with her new position as an Associate professor.

I find this both inspiring and fun. I also really enjoy the dynamic and inspiring research environment in our section and our Department - to sit together and discuss new findings, says Inger.

After this spring with the long period with home office, she appreciates even more to come in to work and meet people and chat over a cup of coffee.  

The family, the garden and the forest

When Inger is not at work she spends time with my family. In the summertime she enjoys hanging out in the garden, trying to grow some vegetables, fruits and flowers. 

I like running in the forest – following the seasons and trying not to get to distracted by all the fungi popping up - which is very hard, Inger says. 


Published Nov. 26, 2020 11:40 AM - Last modified Nov. 27, 2020 1:35 PM