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New face: Arne Klungland

We are pleased that Arne Klungland has joined the Department of Biociences as Head of Department.

Arne Klungland

Arne Klungland, Head of Department at the Department of Biociences. Photo: Gunnar Lothe, UiO.

Arne Klungland has his academic background from the Department of Biology (now IBV) where he took a master's degree in general genetics in 1988 and a PhD in DNA repair in 1994, with a thesis performed at the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment. Arne comes from a small village called Feda, where he fell in love with Biology at an early age.

Love the breadth of subjects at the department

Klungeland had in fact intended to apply for the position of Head of Department at IBV twice before for the same reason as this time: he is very fond of the full range of subjects that are researched and taught, from small molecules to climate and evolution. Arne also applied for the job because he wants to spend more time arranging research and teaching for others.

Fantastic competence in highly topical challenges

Arne Klungland wants to tell others, both in the management at UiO and outside UiO, that IBV has a fantastic competence in highly relevant challenges for the future; and that the department is a large part of the University's Life Sciences initiative.

The research at IBV is impressive. We must try to maintain and improve this, by better collaboration internally and externally. As a large department, we must want more grants such as SFF and ERC.

- If all employees at IBV look forward to going to work every day, I will be very happy, says Arne Klungland.

DNA repair and epigenetic gene regulation

Klungland has studied DNA repair and epigenetic gene regulation. He has been lucky and had incredibly good both supervisors and collaborators. And through these, Arne has been involved in studying completely new mechanisms for DNA repair and gene regulation, which exist in most organisms and which are incredibly well conserved between species.

Happy employees and students

Arne Klungland has not been at work for long, and finds it difficult to answer what he likes best so far. In general, Arne likes to see happy employees and students.

- For me to succeed, I also know that it will be absolutely necessary that we are many who lead IBV together, and distribute the tasks well between us, says Klungland.

Active in leisure time

When Arne is not at work, time is spent running, cycling and skiing. Preferably in Rondane where he has a cabin with his identical twin brother. Klungland also loves good food and wine, and can travel a bit to find a good restaurant.

- Finally, I think a good interaction and support between all professions and students is crucial for an outstanding department.

Published June 2, 2021 12:21 PM - Last modified June 2, 2021 12:21 PM