IBVs head of Department has become the Director of Life sciences

Finn-Eirik Johansen, the head of Department for IBV, has accepted the position as the Director of Life sciences at the University of Oslo. 

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 From 15th of February Finn-Eirik Johansen will work in a 20% position as the Director of Life sciences. From Easter the position will be increased to 50%. The head of Department will remain in a 50% position until the Department has a new leader. Nevertheless, Finn-Eirik will remain in a 20% position at the Department, even though he will be the Director of Life sciences, and he argues that it is important to remember the primary functions of the University:

- The hardest part about accepting the position as Director of Life sciences is to quit being head of Department at IBV. However, I have made it clear that I still whish to remain at the Department in a 20% position. To begin with I will use this time to look into the revision of the education with Tom and others, but after a while I hope to work at one of the research groups at the Department. 


For the institute this change in management will mostly mean that some of the tasks and responsibilities will be distributed among the Department management. Some of the planned processes will be postponed until a new head of department is ready. 


The process of recruiting and hiring new permanent staff will go on as scheduled. The same goes for the Education revision and the upgrading of the Fytotron and other infrastructure. 


Finn-Eirik has been the head of Department for the Department of Molecular Biosciences since 2009. When the Department of Biology and the Department of Molecular biosciences were organized as one Department in 2013, Finn-Eirik became the head of both. 


If you want to read more about Finn-Eiriks role as Director of Life sciences, follow the link. 


Finn-Eirik will act as Director of Life sciences for the first time under the opening conference the 16th of February. The conference is open to everyone. 

By Elina Melteig
Published Feb. 9, 2016 2:02 PM - Last modified Feb. 9, 2016 2:17 PM