Three newly updated rooms for education

Three rooms have been renovated during spring and summer in order to receive the new students this fall. These rooms are now ready!

In relation to the new bachelor degree in biosciences the Department has renovated three rooms. These rooms are renovated in order to get more computation facilities for the new bachelor program.

Room number 3127 has become a so called "Bring Your own Device" room. In this room the students will have to bring their own computers. In 3205 there are new computers and there is room for 40 students at the same time. This room will substitute room number 4131 and 1250.

In the same hall room number 3202 has been renovated to become a seminar room. There are drawings on the wall made by Mareie Vigeland.

All the rooms have a new floor and fresh paint on the walls. In addition all the furniture is new.

Photo: Elina Melteig, Room number 3202 with drawings of Marie Vigeland.


Published Aug. 3, 2017 11:25 AM - Last modified Aug. 3, 2017 11:25 AM