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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Erika Anita Leslie Leslie, Erika Anita Senior Engineer +47 22854589
Picture of Marie Leys Leys, Marie Postdoctoral fellow +47-22859137
Picture of Siyan Li Li, Siyan Visiting PhD Research Fellow Sediment, Greenhouse gases, Methanogens, Methane cycle, PFAS, China
Picture of Guro Elisabeth Lind Lind, Guro Elisabeth Adjunct Professor
Picture of Lars Lindsø Lindsø, Lars Doctoral Research Fellow Population Ecology, climate change ecology, tick-borne pathogens, Small Mammals, Microsatellite Genotyping, Mesopredators, Spatial Analysis, Ecology
Picture of Dirk Linke Linke, Dirk Professor +47 22857654 Microbiology, Biotechnology, Infectious Diseases, Biochemistry
Picture of Lee Hsiang Liow Liow, Lee Hsiang Professor
Picture of Lee Hsiang Liow Liow, Lee Hsiang Professor Paleontology, Paleobiology, Community ecology, Macroecology, Macroevolution, Phylogenetics, Biogeography
Picture of Marcos Llope Llope, Marcos Researcher
Lobos, Natacha Researcher
Picture of Torben Lode Lode, Torben Postdoctoral Fellow Ecotoxicology, Multiple stressors, Marine environmental monitoring, Copepods, Ecology, Life history, Behavioural ecology
Lopez Porras, Adrian Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ragnhild Adelheid Lothe Lothe, Ragnhild Adelheid Adjunct Professor +47 99572291
Picture of Dabao Sun Lü Lü, Dabao Sun Doctoral Research Fellow Mycology, Evolutionary biology, Speciation, Fungi, Phylogeography, Population genomics, Population genetics
Picture of Jedrzej Mieczyslaw Malecki Malecki, Jedrzej Mieczyslaw Researcher +47 99 47 91 07 Biochemistry, Molecular cell biology, Molecular biology
Picture of Thomas Marcussen Marcussen, Thomas Researcher
Marcussen, Thomas Researcher
Picture of Thomas Marcussen Marcussen, Thomas Researcher
Picture of Pedro Maria Martin Sanchez Martin Sanchez, Pedro Maria Researcher +47 96713602 Environmental Microbiology, Fungi, Mycology, Ecology, Indoor fungi, Material deterioration, High-throughput sequencing
Picture of Lourdes Martinez Garcia Martinez Garcia, Lourdes Doctoral Research Fellow ancient DNA, Atlantic cod, Conservation genomics, Population genetics, Evolutionary ecology
Picture of Bård Enger Mathiesen Mathiesen, Bård Enger Principal Engineer +47 22854567
Picture of Cecilie Mathiesen Mathiesen, Cecilie Administrative Manager +47 22845982
Picture of Michael Matschiner Matschiner, Michael Associate Professor
Matschiner, Michael Associate Professor
Picture of Sundy Maurice Maurice, Sundy Researcher +47-22845918 RAD sequencing, Whole genome resequencing, Fungi, Polypore, Population genetics, Demography, Coalescent analysis, Vegetative compatibility, Mating