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Picture of Øystein Ole Gahr Langangen Langangen, Øystein Ole Gahr Associate Professor +47 22854648
Picture of Bjørn Langrekken Langrekken, Bjørn Head Engineer +47 22845853 Instrument maker, Fine mechanics, Prototypes, Central workshop, Optics, Instrument service, Mechanics, Microscope service, Electromechanics, Electronics
Picture of Marit Langrekken Langrekken, Marit Head Engineer +47 22857772
Picture of Marit Ledsaak Ledsaak, Marit Head Engineer 482 31 78
Picture of Sjannie Lefevre Lefevre, Sjannie Associate Professor +4722859061 Comparative physiology, Respiration, Fish, Hypoxia, Anoxia, Respirometry, Molecular biology, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics
Picture of Hans Petter Leinaas Leinaas, Hans Petter Professor +47 22855276 Life history strategies, Invasive species, Interactions, Diversity, Effects of environmental changes, Species diversity, Ecological stoichiometry, Species interactions, Climate adaption, Ecophysiology
Picture of Franck Laurent Patrick Lejzerowicz Lejzerowicz, Franck Laurent Patrick Postdoctoral Fellow +47 92554215 Bioinformatics, Microbiome, Metagenomics, Microplastics, Biostatistics, Deep-Sea Biology, Nordic, France, USA, Switzerland
Picture of Roza Berhanu Lemma Lemma, Roza Berhanu Researcher +4740975997
Picture of Kristian Lensjø Lensjø, Kristian Researcher
Picture of Erika Anita Leslie Leslie, Erika Anita Senior Engineer +47 22854589
Picture of Erika Anita Leslie Leslie, Erika Anita Senior Engineer +47 22854589
Picture of Marie Leys Leys, Marie Postdoctoral fellow +47-22859137
Picture of Ruiyun Li Li, Ruiyun Epidemiology, Modelling, Spatio-temporal, Corona virus, COVID-19, Dengue
Picture of Siyan Li Li, Siyan Visiting PhD Research Fellow Sediment, Greenhouse gases, Methanogens, Methane cycle, PFAS, China
Picture of Guro Elisabeth Lind Lind, Guro Elisabeth Adjunct Professor
Picture of Lars Lindsø Lindsø, Lars Doctoral Research Fellow Population Ecology, climate change ecology, tick-borne pathogens, Small Mammals, Microsatellite Genotyping, Mesopredators, Spatial Analysis, Ecology
Picture of Dirk Linke Linke, Dirk Professor +47 22857654 Microbiology, Biotechnology, Infectious Diseases, Biochemistry
Picture of Lee Hsiang Liow Liow, Lee Hsiang Professor
Picture of Lee Hsiang Liow Liow, Lee Hsiang Professor Paleontology, Paleobiology, Community ecology, Macroecology, Macroevolution, Phylogenetics, Biogeography
Picture of Marcos Llope Llope, Marcos Researcher
Lobos, Natacha Researcher
Picture of Torben Lode Lode, Torben Postdoctoral Fellow Ecotoxicology, Multiple stressors, Marine environmental monitoring, Copepods, Ecology, Life history, Behavioural ecology
Picture of Sandra Lopez Aviles Lopez Aviles, Sandra Associate Professor +47 22852992 Cell biology
Picture of Adrian Lopez Porras Lopez Porras, Adrian Doctoral Research Fellow Comparative immunology
Picture of Ragnhild Adelheid Lothe Lothe, Ragnhild Adelheid Adjunct Professor +47 99572291