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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Giada Ferrari Ferrari, Giada Researcher Ancient DNA, Atlantic cod, Conservation genetics, Evolutionary genomics, Population genetics
Picture of Sofia Ferreira Ferreira, Sofia Postdoctoral Fellow +47 40844792 +4740844792 Marine biology, Plankton ecology, Match-mismatch, Phenology, Fish recruitment, Ocean colour; Denmark; Nordic
Picture of Veronica Fitzpatrick Blihovde Fitzpatrick Blihovde, Veronica Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22844878 Cell Signaling and Cancer, Breast cancer
Fjellheim, Hanne Johnsrud Executive Officer
Fontaine, Laurent Doctoral Research Fellow Microbial ecology, Bioinformatics
Picture of Mikael Fortelius Fortelius, Mikael Nordic
Picture of Franziska Franeck Franeck, Franziska
Picture of Stein Fredriksen Fredriksen, Stein Professor +47 22854558 Algae, Marine algae, Benthic algae, Kelp forest, Ecology, Seagrass systems, Eelgrass, Biodiversity, Shallow water ecology, Systematics
Picture of Nicolai Frengen Frengen, Nicolai MSc student Cell Signaling and Cancer
Picture of Rahel Frick Frick, Rahel Doctoral Research Fellow
Fuglerud, Bettina Maria Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Marianne Fyhn Fyhn, Marianne Professor +47 22857648 +4795753542 Neurobiology, Neuroscience, Life Science, Cortex, Plasticity, visual cortex, entorhinal cortex, hippocampus, memory, perception, physiology
Picture of Per-Johan Færøvig Færøvig, Per-Johan Head Engineer +47 22854547
Picture of Odd Stokke Gabrielsen Gabrielsen, Odd Stokke Professor +47 22857346 +47 41560130 Life sciences
Galteland, Torborg Nowegian Society for Biology Norsk biologforening
Picture of Arild Olsen Gautestad Gautestad, Arild Olsen +47 22854469 46681003
Picture of Berihun Geberemedhin Geberemedhin, Berihun
Picture of Misganaw Tamrat Gessese Gessese, Misganaw Tamrat PhD Candidate
Picture of Johannes Gjerstad Gjerstad, Johannes Professor II +47 23195254 +47 40857057
Picture of Sandra Gran Stadniczeñko Gran Stadniczeñko, Sandra Researcher +47 22845995
Picture of Tone Fredsvik Gregers Gregers, Tone Fredsvik Senior Lecturer +47 22856183 +4799697154
Picture of Ada Greve Greve, Ada Doctoral Research Fellow Neuroplasticity
Picture of Gareth Wyn Griffiths Griffiths, Gareth Wyn +47 22857582
Picture of Paul Grini Grini, Paul Professor +47 22854574 +47 99390210 +4799390210 Life sciences, Epigenetics, Genetics, Plant reproduction
Grung, Merete Professor II +47 92034014