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Picture of Anders Herland Herland, Anders Head Engineer +47 22858155
Picture of Anders Herland Herland, Anders Head Engineer +47 22858155
Picture of R. Adriana Hernandez-Aguilar Hernandez-Aguilar, R. Adriana Researcher (+47) 22859039 Evolutionary Anthropology, Primate Archaeology, Savanna Chimpanzees, Global South
Picture of Maria del Carmen Herrera Gonzalez-Molina Herrera Gonzalez-Molina, Maria del Carmen Researcher
Picture of Hans-Petter Hersleth Hersleth, Hans-Petter Senior Lecturer +47 22854631 +47 41333126 +47-41333126 structural biology, biochemistry, enzymology, protein crystallography, protein structure, diffraction, spectroscopy, Life sciences, Synchrotron
Picture of Dag Olav Hessen Hessen, Dag Olav Professor - Center for biogeochemistry in Anthropocene +47 95037899
Picture of Geir Hestmark Hestmark, Geir
Picture of Geir Hestmark Hestmark, Geir Ecology, Evolution, Landscape ecology, Biodiversity, Ecophysiology, High altitude biology, Conservation biology, South and Middle American biota, Fungi, Lichens, Geology, History of science, Philosophy of science
Picture of Jan David Heuschele Heuschele, Jan David Researcher +47 22857969
Picture of Catherine Anne Heyward Heyward, Catherine Anne Senior Engineer +47 22852363 +47 90093113 +47 90093113
Picture of Christopher Hinchcliffe Hinchcliffe, Christopher Purchasing officer +47-22844446
Picture of Daniel Hitchcock Hitchcock, Daniel Researcher +47 22857314
Picture of Tilde Katrina Slotte Hjermann Hjermann, Tilde Katrina Slotte PhD student Ecology, Red deer, Reindeer, Grazing ecology, Ungulates, Population ecology
Picture of Milad Hobbi Mobarhan Hobbi Mobarhan, Milad PhD Candidate - Section for Physiology and Cell Biology
Picture of Elisabeth Hoff Hoff, Elisabeth Adviser +47 22857267 PhD administration, International cooperation, Mobility, Erasmus+
Picture of Siv Nam Khang Hoff Hoff, Siv Nam Khang Researcher Genomics, Evolutionary biology, Comparative genomics, Population genomics, Genetics
Picture of Antje Hofgaard Hofgaard, Antje Head Engineer +47 22856190
Picture of Øistein Haugsten Holen Holen, Øistein Haugsten Researcher Adaptive dynamics, Animal signals, Evolutionary ecology, Evolutionary biology, Information use, Predator-prey interactions
Picture of Øistein Haugsten Holen Holen, Øistein Haugsten Researcher +47 22856186
Picture of Sindre Holm Holm, Sindre Administrative Manager +47 90546605
Picture of Rebecca E. Holt Holt, Rebecca E. Researcher +47-22854577 Mechanistic Modelling, Ecology, Behaviour, Climate Change, Fisheries, Fish IBM, Population Modelling, Evolution, Statistics, Cod
Picture of Karina Stensland Hornslien Hornslien, Karina Stensland Postdoctoral Fellow
Hovet, Oda Doctoral Research Fellow
Hujaleh, Ibrahim Mohamed Senior Engineer +47 22855013
Picture of Lise Grønnerød Huseby Huseby, Lise Grønnerød Doctoral Research Fellow Plant evolution, Population genetics, Botany, Bioinformatics