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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Mohamed Julius Kibaja Kibaja, Mohamed Julius PhD candidate
Picture of Tina Kleven Kleven, Tina Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Simon Hasselø Kline Kline, Simon Hasselø Doctoral Research Fellow +47 95451199
Picture of Tove Klungervik Klungervik, Tove Head Engineer
Picture of Arne Klungland Klungland, Arne Head of Department - Department of Biosciences 47840305
Picture of Kine Marita Knudsen Sand Knudsen Sand, Kine Marita
Picture of Jonfinn Blix Knutsen Knutsen, Jonfinn Blix Ph.D. Candidate Genetics, Arabidopsis, Simple repeats, Evolution
Picture of Spyridon Kollias Kollias, Spyridon Senior Engineer +47 22854620
Picture of Anna Zofia Komisarczuk Komisarczuk, Anna Zofia Researcher Enhancers, Zebrafish, Transgenesis, Neuroblastoma, Osmoregulation, Neuropeptide, GPCR, Chemosensory system
Picture of Heidi Sjursen Konestabo Konestabo, Heidi Sjursen Senior Academic Librarian +47 41294973
Picture of John Michael Koomey Koomey, John Michael Professor +47 22854091 +47 91394572 Life sciences
Picture of Anders Kristian Krabberød Krabberød, Anders Kristian Head Engineer Genomics, Transcriptomics, Phylogenetics, Phylogenomics, Developmental biology, Genetics, Evolution, Network, Microbiology, Protists
Picture of Tom  Kristensen Kristensen, Tom Professor emeritus
Picture of Per Eugen Kristiansen Kristiansen, Per Eugen Senior Engineer +47 22856609
Picture of Silje Marie Kristiansen Kristiansen, Silje Marie Doctoral Research Fellow 99564777
Kumar, Suman Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Pooja Kumari Kumari, Pooja Post-Doc
Picture of Omer Faruk Kuzu Kuzu, Omer Faruk Researcher Cell Signaling and Cancer
Picture of Kristina Øie Kvile Kvile, Kristina Øie Postdoctoral Fellow - Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis +47-22859012 Arctic, Climate change, Zooplankton, Marine ecology, Pelagic ecology, Barents Sea, Copepods, Russia, Nordic, Ecological statistics, Trophic interactions
Picture of Maria Antonieta Labra Lillo Labra Lillo, Maria Antonieta Professor +47 22854538 Thermal physiology, Behaviour, Behavioral ecology, Birds, Ethology, Sexual selection, Lizard, Chile, Argentina
Picture of Maria Antonieta Labra Lillo Labra Lillo, Maria Antonieta Professor +47 22854538
Picture of Vilde Olsson Lalun Lalun, Vilde Olsson Postdoctoral Fellow
Lambert, Marius Researcher +47 22855827
Picture of Helene Marie Lampe Lampe, Helene Marie Mate choice, Adaptation, Behavioral ecology, Biology, Birds, Animal communication, Ethology, Ornithology, Predator-prey interactions, Sexual selection, Zoology, Animal Behaviour
Picture of Øystein Ole Gahr Langangen Langangen, Øystein Ole Gahr Associate Professor +47 22854648 Ecology, Marine ecology, Russia, USA