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Phone +47 22854045
Room 3425
Visiting address Blindernveien 31 0371 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1066 Blindern 0316 Oslo

Academic Interests

My main academic interest is foraging ecology, life history and population ecology of ungulates. I am also studying the impact of herbivores on terrestrial ecosystems. I find interest both in basic and applied issues - the latter including management strategies such as harvesting or conservation. I have a special interest for roe deer, red deer, moose and reindeer - the main four cervids in Norway.


Higher education and employment history

Previous academic positions.

  • 2006-present Professor, UiO
  • 2001-2005 Researcher, UiO
  • 1999-2001 Post doc, UiO
  • 1999-1999 Researcher, UiO


  • 1998 PhD, UiO


  • The article (Stenseth, Mysterud et al., see publ. list.) entitled "Ecological effects of climate fluctuations" as published in the journal "SCIENCE" on AUG 23, 2002 has been determined by ISI® to be one of the most cited recent papers in the field of ENVIRONMENT/ECOLOGY by January 2004 - “New Hot Paper” ( The same paper got status as “Emerging Research Front” in August 2008 (
  • Awarded as “Outstanding Young Investigator” (YFF) by the Research Council of Norway in 2004.
  • Fritjof Nansen award for young scientists 2005 (“Nansenbelønningen for yngre forskere”). Decided by the Academy of Sciences and Letters.


Only projects where I am projectIeader listed.

  • Project leader for "Bærekraftig bruk og forvaltning av Ryfylkeheiene og Setesdals Vesthei. En utredning med spesiell vekt på økologiske effekter av husdyrbeiting i utmark." (01.01.99-30.06.99; external funding).
  • Project leader for "Demography and population dynamics of red deer: a comparative study on the effect of natural and human induced changes in habitat and climate" [01.07.99-30.06.01]; NFR over "Biodiversitetsprogrammet"; area for ”Miljø og utvikling”).
  • Project leader for "Bærekraftig bruk av utmark til husdyrbeiting: Økologiske effekter av sauebeiting i høyfjellet" (01.01.00-31.12.04; NFR over programmet "Landskap i endring").
  • Project leader for ”Processes in the life history and dynamics of managed ungulate populations” [01.07.2004-30.06.2009]. YFF-scheme, Research Council of Norway.
  • Project leader for ”Ecological effects of sheep grazing and the economy of sustainable husbandry in alpine habitats” (01.01.05-31.12.07; NFR over program "Landskap i endring").
  • Project leader for ”Natural and farmed habitat as a basis for production of red deer in Norway” (01.01.06-31.12.11; NFR over program "AREAL"); 7.4 mill NOK and with 1.8 mill from DN (9.2 mill in total).
  • Project leader for ”Long-term ecological effects of sheep grazing in alpine ecosystems and its integration with management” (01.01.08-31.12.11; NFR over program "Miljø 2015").
  • Project leader for ”The ecology and economy of sheep production under climate change” (01.01.09-30.06.12; NFR over program "Mat" call “climate effects”).


Tags: Population ecology, Deer, Large herbivores, Ungulates, Grazing ecology
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