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Research interests:

My current research focus on eelgrass (Zostera marina) ecosystems:

  • ecosystem function, with special emphasis on crustacean and gastropod mesograzers
  • biodiversity of meio- and macrofauna within the sediment and epiphytes and epifauna on the leaves.
  • molecular characterization of meiofauna in eelgrass bed

These studies involves field experiments with grazer exclusion and habitat manipulations, molecular barcoding and environmental sequencing, as well as a lot taxonomic identification by stereo-, light- and scanning electron microscopy.

I furthermore have a background working with very different groups of marine life:

  • Kinorhyncha (muddragons) - taxonomy, systematics, and selected external and internal ultrastructures within this meiofaunal marine phylum.
  • Ice-associated (sympagic) amphipods - taxonomy and ecology
  • Hagfish taxonomy
  • Rhodoliths (unattached calcified red algae) – formation, ecology and faunal biodiversity

These studies have involved a large amount of Arctic field work, and provided me with extensive skills in microscopical methods (Stereo, Light, Scanning Electron, and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy), taxonomy, systematic and ecology. 


Higher education

  • 2010 M.Sc. in Marine Biology, Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen. 


  • “Dyppvannsfauna i norske farvann" from The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. For barcoding of polychaetes (2011)
  • “Carlsbergs Mindelegat” for participation in the Danish Galathea 3 expedition (2006)
  • “Hotelejer Anders Månsson og Hustrus mindelegat” for studies at James Cook University, Australia (2005).
  • “Internationaliseringsstipendium”, University of Copenhagen,  for studies at James Cook University, Australia (2005)
  • “Nordlys Stipendium” for studies at UNIS – the University Centre in Svalbard (2004)


Tags: Zoology, Eelgrass, Taxonomy, Meiofauna, Marine biology, Environmental sequencing, Biology, Ecosystems, Marine ecology


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