Kick-starting 2020, now also on twitter!

Our blog activity is expected to increase in 2020 (weekly updates!), and we are also now on twitter: @BorgaGroup! 

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Approx. 90% of the Borgå Group

The Borgå group is growing by the minute, and we have become quite a few people by the start of 2020. New projects have been created and the collaborations are expanding. To share ideas, challenges and our latest experiences, we kick-started the new year with a two-day seminar.  


The Department of Biosciences is lucky to have access to facilities in beautiful Drøbak, where we could enjoy a social evening after a day packed with interesting presentations of each other’s research work. We were updated on everyone’s projects, ranging from cruises sampling marine animals in both Arctic and Antarctic, to experimental laboratory work conducted on bumble bees. This was a gathering of everyone from engineers to master students, research assistants, PhDs, postdoc’s and professors. A diverse group promotes the exchange of ideas and input on our challenges, which we definitely can benefit from. In addition to the presentations of research, we were updated on what our group’s engineers can help us with, we had a motivating talk about what it is like to be a supervisor, an introduction to the use of stable isotope analysis, and peeked into the world of Generalized additive models (GAM), guided by Jan Heuschele. 

Ane presenting her research about contaminants from E-waste in Tanzania. 
Ane presenting her research about contaminants from E-waste in Tanzania. 

During a workshop, the group agreed that we wanted to increase the activity of the group’s blog. So, stay tuned for a weekly update on what we are up to in the time to come! We have also started a twitter account, which we aim to use as a platform, not only to communicate what we do in the group, but also share interesting studies and other toxicological news! Follow us on twitter: @BorgaGroup. 

By Silje Marie Kristiansen
Published Feb. 7, 2020 1:25 PM - Last modified Feb. 7, 2020 1:27 PM