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Mobile phone +47 95996927
Room 4124
Visiting address Blindernveien 31 0316 Oslo Norway

Academic Interests

I am interested in the organisms that we don't see, but none the less play crucial roles in ecosystems. During my PhD, undertaken in Oslo Mycology Group, I studied associations and interactions between fungi and bacteria in ectomycorrhizal plant root systems. I am currently involved in the COVERALL project, where bacterial communities in sediments exposed to artificial CO2 release are investigated both in situ and ex situ to reveal possible CO2 signatures. In the DRIVE project, I investigate how root associated fungi and bacteria responds to elevated temperatures and changed annual precipitation patterns.  



    2014 — PhD, Microbial Ecology, UoO

    2009 — M.Sc., Biology, UoO

    2007 — B.Sc., Biology, UoO



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    Tags: Mycorrhizae, Microbial ecology, Mycology, Bacteria, Fungi, Fungal ecology, Botany, Interactions, Symbiosis, Ecology


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    • Vik, Unni (2018). Den usynlege majoriteten. Syn og Segn.  ISSN 0039-7717.  (1)
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