Climate controlled phytotron rooms

The facility has 16 climate controlled phytotron rooms  (10m2), where 8 are inside the GMO containment zone. We also have 7 separate climate chambers (1m2); 5 in GMO and 2 outside.

​​​​​​​Climate controlled phytotron room with plants prepared for a student course

Climate controlled phytotron room with plants prepared for a student course


Each of the 16 climate controlled phytotron rooms has separate conditioning systems to control temperature, humidity and light.

  • Type of light sources available:  LED  (AP67 and NS12)
  • Range of a light intensity: up to 300 μmol m−2 s−1
  • Range of temperatures and precision: 6°C to + 40°C + 1°C with lights on
  • Range of humidity and precision: 40-90% + 10%
  • Possibility to use gases (CO2, O3 etc): Only possible in custom made growth chambers  
  • GMO containment level S3: 8 rooms (+ 5 chambers)
  • Vernalisation (6°C): 2 rooms
  • Service: Includes standard watering and pots/trays, use of standard equipment, pesticides