GMO facility: Area approved for working with GMO plants

Approved area for working with plants with containment level S3: containment for GMO plants with medium biological containment (ability to establish in nature).

Plant culturing

8 10m2  climate controlled phytotron rooms, 5 additional 1m2 chambers (1-3 tiers) and laboratories.

GMO plants

Working with GMO and the facility is regulated by this regulation: Forskrift om innesluttet bruk av genmodifiserte planter (planteforskriften)

Reference to the approval from "Helsedirektoratet" is 16/37870-2 (2016).

Procedure for the GMO facility

Local procedure to ensure that the activity follows the regulations (only in Norwegian).


Risk assessments

Relevant SOPs

  • PSOP183: Fixation of plant material using GA or PF
  • PSOP184: Transformation of Arabidopsis with Agrobacterium
  • PSOP186: Working with GMO plants
  • PSOP187: Bruk av sprøytemidler i GMO avdelingen (Only in Norwegian)
  • SSOP004: Preparing antibiotic, fungicide and herbicide stock solutions
  • SSOP099: Preparing media for culturing of fungi, plants and bacteria
Stereomicroscopy inspection of plants
Stereomicroscopy inspection of plants.
Photo: Vegard Iversen, UiO