The Plant laboratory - climate controlled facility - opened in 1973

When the Phytotron opened in 1973, the cost of the facility was about 20 million NOKs. The facility consisted of 3000m2, where 500m2 were used for growing plants. The facility now consists of almost the same area, except for the greenhouses that were demolished in 2017.

In 1973, the Phytotron also had access to 8000m2 fields close to university campus, which were used for research purposes. Today these fields are no longer available as a new cemetery was needed for the population of Oslo.

The Phytotron

The discription of the Phytotron, by Nilsen and Skovli, Blindern May 1977

NORD datamaskiner i botanisk forskning

Article in "ND-NYTT" 1979 av Einar Larsen, Norsk data

Rice plant in flower while the snow falls

Article in "Norsk Hydro" No1. 1979 by Marguerite Ingels

NRK: Schrødingers katt 1991 - Fytotron

From time 13:15 - 18:15

Kronblader som ikke vil gi seg

Melinka Butenko og Reidunn Aalen har tatt patent på en blomst som aldri kaster kronbladene. Men er blomsterbutikkene interessert?