12th Annual Norwegian Stem Cell Networking Meeting

The 12th Annual Norwegian Stem Cell Networking Meetingorganised by the Norwegian Research Council  took place at Soria Moria Hotel in Oslo at 29-30 September 2015. For more info on the program, see this link.

Mouse embryonic stem cells stained with alkaline phosphatase (red color) (Photo: Ragnhild Eskeland).

29th -30th of September Beata Nadratowska-Wesolowska and Ragnhild Eskeland attended the 12th Annual Norwegian Stem Cell Networking Meeting.  This is a national meeting allowing stem cell researches to meet and discuss their research. Beata gave a presentation entitled "Unraveling the chromatome of a specific gene locus" and there were several interesting talks from both national and international speakers. We bring back new ideas and contacts for future collaborations.






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