Together with NBS Oslo, and the group of Hesso Farhan, we have assembled some of the leading voices in the ER proteostasis field for a one day symposium in Oslo 

In this paper we show a link between ER stress and quantitative and functional STAMP2-deficiency in adipocytes

We have found that the newly developed IRE1-alpha inhibitor small molecule MKC8866 has potent anti-prostate cancer activity. We have also shown that the mechanism of action for MKC8866 is via inhibition of c-MYC oncoprotein expression, the first time ER stress activation was linked to oncogene activation. Our study is now published in Nature Communications. It also attracted attention in national and international media.

We went on a ski trip to Hemsedal

We went on a hiking trip to Veggli

We visited the local sledding facilities in Oslo