Centre for Epigenetics, Development and Evolution (CEDE)

CEDE is a new "prioritized research area" at the Department of Biosciences and  an initiative to strengthen research in evolutionary developmental biology (Evodevo) at the University of Oslo.

Our vision is to develop a strong and integrated research environment to identify the basic structure, evolution and outcome of the genotype-phenotype relation on all levels from molecule to whole organism based on perspectives from Waddington's epigenetics and modern evodevo. We want to strengthen developmental biology and establish evodevo as a research discipline at UiO. We envision a comparative macroevolutionary perspective including phylogeny and paleobiology, and we will put emphasis on modelling and systems biology.

EvoDevo Journal Club

Next Journal Club soon to be anounced.

If you wish to join the Journal Club send an e-mail to Thomas Hansen, t.f.hansen@ibv.uio.no