EVOGENE/CIME - IBV Core Facility Seminar

Jan Haug Anonsen, EVOGENE, will present the Mass Spectrometry (MS)services they offer and Frode Skjeldal, FYSCELL, will present their imaging services.


Jan Haug Anonsen

The IBV Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Unit

This talk aim to introduce mass spectrometric based proteomics by presenting some of the work performed at the IBV proteomics and mass spectrometry unit to give an overview of some of the analysis the unit provides as a service lab for IBV. Mass spectrometry (MS) is an accurate and efficient method to measure the properties of molecules. Current mass spectrometry instrumentation at IBV includes a MALDI TOF/TOF, two high resolution Thermo LTQ- Orbitrap XL mass spectrometers, one with ETD capabilities as well as a high resolution Thermo QExactive mass spectrometer. The unit also provides work stations for and proficiency in MS based proteomics data analysis. The IBV proteomics and mass spectrometry unit has as goal to facilitate MS analysis of biological samples by offering state-of- the-art instrumentation and MS expertise in preparing, analyzing, and interpretation of experimental data within and outside IBV. Proteomics, the large scale study of proteins and protein species is a rapidly advancing field in large part due to technological advances in mass spectrometry. The goal of proteomics is to bridge the gap between cellular function and genome sequence and is a convergence between discovery and hypothesis driven science. Common proteomic MS analysis with involves the identification of proteins and post-translational modification, protein localization and compartmentalization, protein-protein interaction as well as quantitative protein expression analysis.

Frode Skjeldal

IBV imaging facility

The NorMIC Imaging Platform at the Institute for Biosciences (IBV) in Oslo is a specialized microscopy unit for the  study of living and fixed samples. The instrumentation includes several confocal laser scanning microscopes, total internal reflection (TIRF) microscopy, electron microscopy (EM) and wide-field fluorescence microscopy.


Focaccia will be served from 12:00

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