Participants in Climate change effects on the fungal ecosystem component (ClimFun)

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Håvard Kauserud Professor +47-22854832 +47 99697116
Carrie Joy Andrew +47-22851844
Rune Halvorsen Professor +47-22851629 +47-95477287 (mob) 95477287 Population biology, Ordination, Statistical modelling, Vegetation ecology, Nature types, Bryophytes
Jenni Nordén
Klaus Høiland Professor Emeritus +47-22854473 +47-92656366 (mob) Mycology, Agarics, Mycorrhiza, Fungi phylogeny, Fungi ecology, Fungi chemotaxonomy, Arctic and alpine ecosystems, Costal ecosystems, Sand dunes

Other participants