Here you find a list of the courses associated with the Section for Genetics and Evolutionary Biology.

BIO1000               Elementary Biology
BIO1200               Biodiversity
BIO2100               General Ecology
BIO2120               Evolutionary Biology
BIO2140               Molecular biology and Biological Methods
BIO2150               Biostatistics and Study Design
BIO4140/9140      Life-history Strategies and Climate Effects
BIO4150/9150      Conservation and management biology
BIO4160/9160      Recent literature in microbial ecology and metagenomics
BIO4210               Phylogeny and Classification
BIO4250               Evolution and systematics of organismal groups: The Plant Kingdom
BIO4260               Evolution and Systematics of Organismal Groups: The Fungal Kingdom
BIO4280/9280      Evolutionary Developmental Biology and Macroevolution
BIO4001               Introductory Course to the Master Study
BIO9905MERG1  Bioinformatics for Metagenomic Analyses and Environmental Sequencing

MBV1010             Cell biology and genetics
MBV3020             Molecular genetics and developmental biology
MBV3060             General microbiology
MBV4010             Methods in molecular biology and biochemistry I
MBV4120             Eukaryotic genes and genomes
MBV4150             Molecular biology of microbes - host interactions 
MBV4030             Laboratory methods in cellular biology
MBV4130/9130    The biology of the prokaryotes
MBV4910 iGEM   International Genetically Engineered Machine

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