Electron microscopy (EM-Lab)

Electron microscopy can visualize the smallest structures in the cell

Liver cell in an electron microscope


EM-Lab was started in 1966 and is the biggest EM laboratory for biology, molecular sciences and biomedicine in Norway. The lab includes 5 electron microscopes and a wide selection of preparation equipment that covers most of the techniques that presently are used. The resources of the laboratory, both with regard to personnel and equipment, are available to all scientists at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. External users are welcome as long as the capacity of the laboratory allows this. EM-Lab also is involved in the development of electron microscopy methods and is by now established as a Nordic centre of competence with regard to cryotechniques.

The laboratory also organizes an yearly course in electron microscopy,  MBV4110, and more advanced courses when needed.

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