NorMIC Workshop on Biological Optical Microscopy

The NorMic Oslo Imaging Platform is organizing a four-days workshop on Biological Optical Microscopy from 24th (Tuesday) to 27th (Friday) April 2018.

The aim of the workshop is to teach both theoretical and practical aspect of current optical microscopy techniques for life sciences researchers.

The workshop consists of both theory lectures (morning) and practical sessions (afternoon). The selected applicants (25) will be divided into 5 different groups, each group will choose or will be assigned a mini-imaging-project to work on, so that the recently-acquired-knowledge can be practiced and revised. There will be an oral presentation session on the mini-projects at the end of the workshop.

Registration Fee: 3000 NOK (Lunch and Coffee Breaks included)

How to Apply: If you are interested to join the workshop, please apply by filling in the following form:

Application Closing date: 28 Feb 2018 (Selected applicants will receive a confirmation by mid March 2018)


If you have any inquiries regarding the workshop,

please contact Edna (



Frontpage in Journal of Cell Science, Volume 127 (22) Nov 15, 2014:



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20-23 May 2014 - Hosts of ELMI2014 international imaging meeting at Holmenkollen.



1 March 2013 - Official opening of new microscope facilities at Kristine Bonnevieshus, Blindern.  



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