The iGEM competition

Master’s student?

Join the UiO iGEM team!

Would you like to design something new using synthetic biology? This is the main task in the iGEM competition, in which a multidisciplinary team from UiO will be participating this year. Contact the iGEM supervisor, Dirk Linke: before February 1st to join!


Curious about iGEM? Come to the information meeting:

The iGEM Competition (International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition) is an annual student competition in synthetic biology, with 300 teams from over 80 countries participating.

From February to October, a multidisciplinary team of students from UiO will compete to design and build the best and most creative biological system using synthetic biology. The team will also travel to the iGEM Giant Jamboree in Boston, USA to present the project at the competition.

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Each team receives a biotechnological starter kit from the iGEM head office that contains standard biological components (genes). Using this kit, and new parts of their own design, teams will construct biological systems and operate them in living cells. The whole process is supervised by experienced researchers.

Here are the exciting projects from previous University of Oslo iGEM teams:

Unique opportunity

iGEM represents a golden opportunity to spend the spend the year in a creative and relevant way. Your project might be the first step of creating your own career and your project may be an important contribution to science, health and entrepreneurship. In addition you gain:

  • Understanding of molecular principles in synthetic biology

  • Experience with multidisciplinary teamwork

  • Introduction to bioinformatics, web programming, and other computer skills

  • Experience with science outreach and science communication

  • Experience with important information databases

  • Participation in the iGEM Jamboree in Boston (USA)

  • 10 credits

  • An great asset to your CV

  • A really nice summer in the lab



The iGEM biotechnological starter kit.

Photo: iGEM

Students from all disciplines are encouraged to join!


In order to join, contact the iGEM supervisor, Dirk Linke: before February 1st!


After a first information meeting in February, you can register using at the MBV 4910 iGEM course in Student Web. Details about the registration process and about the course structure will be given at the information meeting.


If you have any questions regarding the course or competition, please contact Dirk Linke:


If you would like more information about iGEM. Please check out the iGEM home page:





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