Who do I contact?

Bachelor studies


Student Adviser Martine Myrsveen Pedersen

E-mail: studieinfo@ibv.uio.no


Student Adviser My Hanh Tu

E-mail: studieinfo@ibv.uio.no

Master studies

Student Adviser Jon-Arne Bilben Haugseth

E-mail: studieinfo@ibv.uio.no


Student Adviser Kyrre Grøtan

E-mail: studieinfo@ibv.uio.no


Workplace at the Natural History Museum

PhD studies


E-mail: studieinfo@ibv.uio.no

General information for students at the Faculty of mathematics and natural science

MN-student information

Vilhelm Bjerknes hus (map in Norwegian)

Opening hours: 12 - 15 (mon-fri)

Phone number: 22 85 63 44

Phone hours: 9 -11.30/ 12 -15

E-mail: studieinfo@mn.uio.no

International student reception

International student reception - Knutepunktet

Lucy Smiths hus (map in Norwegian)


Telefon: 22 85 78 44

Opening hours: 10–15 (man-fre)