Fossil Field Trip

Today, I joined the Biologisk fagutvalg (Biology Student council) fossil tour with a paleontologist, Hans Arne Nakrem, from the Natural History Museum. We took a city bus just a few minutes south of Oslo to the island of Malmøya.

The island of Malmøya has houses on it, however, the island is also protected as a Nature Reserve. Notice “Fossilveien” in the picture above (veien means road in Norwegian).

Malmøya is composed of rocks from the late Ordovician and Silurian, up to 445 million years old! (~200 million years before the first dinosaurs)

Gondwana, Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Ron Blakey, NAU Geology

During this time, the continent of Gondwana was located at the equator


Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Fritz Geller-Grimm

Plants began to live on land, however fish and other early life forms lived in the oceans.

My Fab Fossil Fotos!

Trilobite tail. This one is only 10 millimeters across.


Horn coral (Rugosa). This species is believed to stand upright (see picture above).


Brachiopods (Phylum of shell-fish, distinct from bivalves like clams and mussels). There are several species here, including Leptaena sp., the fan-like one. Brachipods still live in the ocean, however these species are extinct.


Nautiloid. (This is the squid-like thing with a long, horn shaped-head). A predator.


Crinoids. (These are called sea-lilies in Norwegian, because they have long, slender stalks and a blossom-shaped head). Can you find them in the picture above?

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