Gjesteforelesninger og seminarer - Side 5

Tid og sted: 13. juni 2018 13:1514:00, KBH3508

AQUA/CEES Extra seminar by Clint Muhlfeld from U.S. Geological Survey and University of Montana

Tid og sted: 8. juni 2018 14:1515:00, Seminar room 3508

By Folmer Bokma from Umeå University, Sweden 

Tid og sted: 26. apr. 2018 10:3012:00, Seminar room 3315

Speakers: Eörs Szathmáry, Ferenc Jordan, and András Báldi. [Update: Gabor Foldvari's talk on "Urban ecology of tick-borne diseases: how to anticipate?" has been moved to Wednesday 25 April.]

Tid og sted: 25. apr. 2018 16:0016:45, Seminar room 3315

By Gabor Foldvari, Department of Parasitology and Zoology, University of Veterinary Medicine, Budapest

Tid og sted: 23. apr. 2018 11:0014:30, Litteraturhuset, Wergelandsveien 29

Årets tema er "Autoimmun sykdom: Arv og miljø"

Tid og sted: 20. apr. 2018 14:1515:00, Room 3508

By Dr. Han Wang, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, Yangling and Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

Tid og sted: 23. mars 2018 14:1515:00, Room 3508

By Erik Svensson, professor in evolutionary ecology at Lund University, Sweden.

Tid og sted: 13. feb. 2018 11:1512:15, Seminar room 3315

By Dieter Ebert, Universität Basel, Switzerland

Tid og sted: 7. feb. 2018 14:15, 4512, Kristine Bonnevies hus

Professor and Ohio Eminent Scholar of Ecosystem Ecology at Miami University, Craig Williamson, will have a seminar on: "The ecological consequences of browner lakes: from physics to fish”  

Tid og sted: 26. jan. 2018 14:1515:00, Room 3508

By Prof. Jinfeng Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

Tid og sted: 12. jan. 2018 14:1515:00, Room 3508

By Dr.phil. Christoph Gradmann, Professor at the Department of Community Medicine and Global Health, University of Oslo.

Tid og sted: 28. nov. 2017 11:0012:00, KBH 4613

Elisabeth Lundsør (PhDstudent AQUA)

Tid og sted: 24. nov. 2017 14:1515:00, Seminar room 3508

By Prof. Bruce M.S. Campbell, Emeritus Professor of Medieval Economic History at The Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland

Tid og sted: 17. nov. 2017 14:1515:00, Seminar room 3508

by Indrė Žliobaitė, University of Helsinki, Finland  

Tid og sted: 10. nov. 2017 14:1515:00, Room 3508

by Dr. Dag Endresen, GBIF Node Manager for Norway at the Natural History Museum in Oslo.

Tid og sted: 13. okt. 2017 14:1515:00, Seminar room 3508

By Erik Bonsdorff, professor of marine biology at Åbo Akademi University, Finland

Tid og sted: 6. okt. 2017 14:1515:00, Seminar room 3508

By Kathleen Pribyl, associate fellow at the Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

Tid og sted: 6. okt. 2017 11:1512:00, KBH4619

Dr. Gaëtan Burgaud, Assistant Professor, Microbial Ecology and Biodiversity Laboratory, University of Brest, France

Research gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Gaetan_Burgaud

Dr Burgaud is also the opponent for the PhD defense of Maryia Khomich on Thursday 5 October : http://www.mn.uio.no/ibv/english/research/news-and-events/events/disputations/2017/mariya_khomitch_disp_eng.html

Tid og sted: 22. sep. 2017 10:1511:15, Room 3315, Kristine Bonnevie Building, Blindernveien 31

By Clint Perry, Cognitive Neuroethologist from Queen Mary University, London, UK

Tid og sted: 24. aug. 2017 14:1515:00, Seminar room 3508

By Dr. Adam Philippy, National Human Genome Research Institute

Tid og sted: 21. apr. 2017 14:1515:00, Seminar room 3508

By Susan D. Jones, University of Minnesota, USA