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  • Kininmonth, Stuart James; Weeks, Rebecca; Abesamis, Rene A.; Bernardo, Lawrence P. C.; Beger, Maria; Treml, Eric A.; Williamson, David & Pressey, Robert L. (2018). Strategies in scheduling marine protected area establishment in a network system. Ecological Applications.  ISSN 1051-0761.  s 1- 9 . doi: 10.1002/eap.1820
  • Lal, Ronal; Kininmonth, Stuart James; N'Yeurt, Antoine D R; Riley, Ralph H & Rico, Ciro (2018). The effects of a stressed inshore urban reef on coral recruitment in Suva Harbour, Fiji. Ecology and Evolution.  ISSN 2045-7758.  8, s 11842- 11856 . doi: 10.1002/ece3.4641
  • Kininmonth, Stuart James; Crona, Beatrice; Bodin, Örjan; Vaccaro, Ismael; Chapman, Lauren J. & Chapman, Colin (2017). Microeconomic relationships between and among fishers and traders influence the ability to respond to social-ecological changes in a small-scale fishery. Ecology & society.  ISSN 1708-3087.  22(2), s 1- 13 . doi: 10.5751/ES-08833-220226

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Se alle arbeider i Cristin

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