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Publisert 22. aug. 2021 13:07

Through the EU-funded 3D-MUSE project, we can design in one of the most advanced CMOS technologies available. We also get a taste of technologies that will not be widely available until a few years from now. Within this project, the ASIC design company Ideas together with IFI want to offer a master project where some key elements for a sensor system shall be designed.

Publisert 26. okt. 2020 09:41

The development of integrated circuit technologies makes it possible to integrate complete systems on one chip consisting of microprocessors, RAM, dedicated digital modules as well as analogue elements like sensor front-ends, RF modules and power regulators, image pixels, MEMS-structures (pressure sensors, mechanical switches, accelerometers), high quality coils and capacitors etc. This is known as System on Chip (SoC). Development of a SoC is done in several steps where the different modules are developed and verified in different devices before they may be combined into one circuit.

Publisert 25. aug. 2015 16:06

The Goal is to design a 128x128 pixel (or more) CMOS image sensor with 16-bit dynamic range.

Publisert 21. nov. 2010 18:48

The Nanoelectronics group specializes in innovative ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) design and testing in advanced deep sub-micrometer CMOS (complementary metal oxide silicon) technologies, including electronic prototype PCB assembly.

Publisert 4. nov. 2010 14:03
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