Nettsider med emneord «Radar»

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Publisert 30. okt. 2020 06:43

This project includes several possible M.Sc projects and can be adapted to fit interests and competence of students. The overall background for the project is an existing CMOS radar sensor platform where the goal is to evaluate existing circuit components and investigate possible new implementations that can improve performance and / or energy efficiency.  Potential projects can can include RF front-end components, high-speed samplers, data-converters, but also algorithm development.

Publisert 21. nov. 2010 18:48

The Nanoelectronics group specializes in innovative ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) design and testing in advanced deep sub-micrometer CMOS (complementary metal oxide silicon) technologies, including electronic prototype PCB assembly.

Publisert 4. nov. 2010 14:03
Publisert 4. nov. 2010 14:03