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30th Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory Oslo, Norway.  The conference homepage contains details about topics, important dates and further information.

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When programmers access external data in a statically typed programming language, they often face a dilemma between convenient and type-safe access to the data.


In the programming language F#, a concept called type providers has been proposed as a solution to this problem by having compiler support for libraries with the capability to generate types at compile time.


This thesis presents json_typegen, a project which aims to show the feasibility of similar solutions in the RUSTprogramming language. The project uses compile-time meta-programming along with alternative interfaces to the same code generation implementation to achieve convenient, type-safe access in the JSON data format. While JSON is chosen as a format for the presented library, the approach  also applies to other data formats and sources

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Memory models as a part of programming language specifications have become increasingly popular the last two decades. They describe how the values that are obtained by reads are related to the values that are written by writes. To properly define this has proven particularly difficult for programming languages that allows for shared variables between multiple processes. In this thesis we formalize parts of the memory model specified by the Go language by making a structural operational semantics for it. We further use this semantics to prove that programs that are data race free will run under this semantics as they would under a strong memory model.

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JavaScript is a programming language that serves as the foundation of front-end web development. The way the language is specified allows for a high variety in possibilities when implementing functionality. These possibilities makes it harder for programmers to make informed decisions when developing.

The goal of this thesis is to give insights into JavaScript features. Given these insights one will be able to elaborate on code written in a professional manner.


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In this thesis, we look at advanced language features in upcoming programming languages such as Go or Rust, and investigate how to best combine new features with requirements on correct software development (static analysis, verification, monitoring).

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"Modelling Tools and Programming languages for Internet of Things"

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The Reliable Systems group PSY (formerly PMA) teaches the following courses:

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