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Election for the Department board 2017-2020

We will this autumn carry out election of members to the Board at the Department of Informatics for the period 1.1.2017-31.12.2020.

The election of Board members for 2017-2020 is now completed.

Results for permanent academic staff:

Votes: 34. Abstentions: 0. In electoral register: 69
Permanent members: Andreas Austreng and Alma Leora Culén
1st deputy: Stephan Oepen
2nd deputy: Kristin Braa

Results for temporary academic staff:

Votes: 28. Abstentions: 1. In electoral register: 140
Permanent member: Terje Aksel Sanner
Deputy: Suhas Govind Joshi

Results technical/administrative staff:

Votes: 20. Abstentions: 3. In electoral register: 62
Permanent member: Lars Håkedal
Deputy: Kristin Broch Eliassen



For questions about the election please contact the Election Board by Arne Maus

The board is the department's highest organ and is responsible for strategic planning, finances and hiring staff.

The different department groups elect their own representatives:

  • permanent academic staff: 2 (+ 2 deputies) for 4 years
  • temporary academic staff: 1 (+ 1 deputies) for 2 years
  • technical/administrative staff: 1 (+ 1 deputy)   for 4 years
  • students: 2 (+ 2 deputies) for 1 year

To propose one or more candidates from your staff group, send it in writing to The election committee c/o Arne Maus before 15th. November  12.00 AM. The proposal must be signed by at least as many members of staff as are proposed. In these proposals, no distinction is made between regular board members and deputies.The students hold their own election.

Anyone employed for more than a year in at least a 50% position is eligible, as are adjunct full professors, but not those currently on the board who has now served two terms. The requirement about gender balance, according to the UiO election rules §16 and the equality act, must be fulfilled within each election group.


For you to vote

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The election is open from 22/11 12:00 to 29/11 12:00.