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Presentation of team Rolland & Wisland

Knut H. Rolland runs for election as Head of department together with Dag T. Wisland as Deputy Head of department.

If you want increased quality, engagement and participation, and increased visibility for IFI, your vote should go to us. We promise to put hard work, competence, and all of our energy and time to ensure the success of IFI – on short and long term.

Knut H. Rolland

Bildet kan inneholde: person, hår, ansiktshår, dress skjorte, skjegg.I am running for the position as Head of Department at IFI. I do this because I have a deep interest and commitment in making the Department more visible for the IT industry, potential students and researchers, research collaborators, and internally at the University of Oslo. I want to establish IFI as an even more recognizable, visible, and competent actor in debates around IT in the media and the Norwegian society as such. I see this is one of the most important strategic aspects for securing and improving IFI’s position as the premier IT Department in Norway. I also see it as important to increase the active participation and engagement by employees and students alike across Sections and research groups. This in order to increase the quality of work life for employees, and also to advance cross-disciplinary thinking and collaboration. Moreover, I will focus on improving academic quality and timelines in terms of research, PhD programs, bachelor and master’s programs, as well as all internal and external communication.

I have a background as a computer scientist and software engineer from NTNU in 1997, and a PhD from IFI in information systems (IS) in 2003. I have held positions at an Associated Professor at NTNU, Norwegian School of Information Technology (now University College Kristiania), as well as at IFI. Additionally, I have worked for nearly 10 years as a software developer, IT project manager, and Enterprise IT Architect in various small and large-scale projects in Norway. This has given me a broad experience both in terms of academic research in multiple fields (software engineering, information systems, management and strategy), student programs, collaboration with industry, and the more practical aspects of our profession.

IFI is a very competently run Department and in a very good position financially. However, as underscored in the «Handlingsplan 2019-2021 for institutt for informatikk» (IFI’s current strategy document), there is a lack of “making the Department’s research visible among students and in the society at large”. If I am elected Head of Department, I will immediately both on a strategic and in practical day-to-day workings of the Department make sure to improve on the current situation. I will Implement some of the proposed actions in the current strategy and in addition work on a broad platform for visibility and that IFI should have a broader impact on society and practice. I do believe, as argued in the above mentioned “handlingsplan” that this absolutely essential for attracting the best students, recruiting top PhD-students and researchers, as well as administrative personnel. It is also important for attracting collaborators, improving our position and reputation in the industry, which in turn will increase our potential to increase external funding.

Dag T. Wisland

I stand for election together with Knut H. Rolland because I want IFI to be more visible as a leading institute both nationally and internationally, I want to increase interdisciplinary collaboration internally and externally to meet new societal challenges and at the same time ensure high quality in research and teaching also in the future.

I know IFI as a student, technical employee and scientific employee for almost 30 years and am proud of the quality in research and teaching we deliver across our many and strong research groups.

IFI has always had a tradition of a high degree of freedom, generosity and also room for good respectful discussions and debates. IFI is also a dynamic institute in continuous growth, which requires flexibility and the ability to find good and unbureaucratic solutions, of which our administration and IT group (“Drift”) are good examples. We must take care of these qualities and at the same time avoid that central orders and bureaucracy kill personal commitment and flexibility.

I received my master's degree in “digitalteknikk” / microelectronics in 1996 and after a short commitment as a researcher / research fellow, I went on to a permanent position as a scientific programmer in “digitalteknikk” / microelectronics with heavy involvement in the group's research projects and at the same time a member of the IT group (“Drift”). I received my PhD in microelectronics in 2003 and started in a permanent scientific position in 2004. I have been research group leader for several periods and also leader of the Professional study program at IFI and participated in developing new study programs and courses.

As a scientific employee, I am concerned with research-driven innovation, societal benefits and securing an international perspective on research and teaching. I have spent much of my career leading international research projects with both academic and industrial partners and have also as an entrepreneur built a spin-off companies from an idea in our research group to become an international leading technology company. I feel this is useful experience for contributing to the development of IFI in the years to come.

Knut and I represent the scientific width of our department from industrial system development to microelectronics / sensors, but both with a strong computer science tradition in the backbone.

If you have additional questions and wonder about more concrete plans and activities we want to implement as new Head of Department at IFI, you should participate on our plenary session that will soon be announced.

Published Sep. 24, 2020 10:49 AM - Last modified Nov. 16, 2021 8:37 PM