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Section for Programming (PROG)

Software lies at the core of all IT-systems. The Programming Section performs research and teaching on how to develop high quality software that benefits society and that is useful for both individuals and organizations.

Analytical Solutions and Reasoning (ASR)

The ASR group uses mathematical and logical methods to solve complex real-world problems, by building precise models, analysing them, and using them to drive software systems.

Computing Education (ITU)

Computing Education investigates how programming and other IT-aspects are best taught in schools and at institutions of higher education.

Programming Technology (PT)

This group develops tools and programming languages that are fundamental to all IT-systems.

Reliable Systems (PSY)

The Reliable Systems research group uses mathematical methods to develop software that performs as specified and is error-free.

Software engineering (SE)

This group focuses on methods and techniques that enable development teams to build quality IT-system within given cost and time constraints.