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Picture of Dharani Dhar Maddali Maddali, Dharani Dhar Doctoral Research Fellow 3D Graphics, visualisations
Picture of Sabita Maharjan Maharjan, Sabita Associate Professor +47-22840837 Smart grid; Vehicle-to-grid (V2G); Vehicular communication; 5G; Machine-to-machine communication; Software defined wireless networking; Internet of Things (IoT); Internet of vehicles (IoV)
Marek, Marcel Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Charles Martin Martin, Charles Postdoctoral Fellow +47 920 14 165 Music Technology, HCI, Intelligent Systems, Mobile Applications, Improvisation, Collaborative Creativity, Percussion
Picture of Antonio Martini Martini, Antonio Associate Professor
Picture of Erling Martmann-Moe Martmann-Moe, Erling Adjunct associate professor
Picture of Jasmina Masovic Masovic, Jasmina
Picture of Arne Maus Maus, Arne Associate Professor Emeritus +47-22852451 object orientation, Algorithms, Parallel programming, sorting
Picture of Vasileios Mavroeidis Mavroeidis, Vasileios Doctoral Research Fellow
Mehmandarov, Rustam Karim
Picture of Omid Mirmotahari Mirmotahari, Omid Associate Professor +47-22857700 +47-45050045 45 05 00 45
Picture of Justinas Miseikis Miseikis, Justinas
Mohamedelsadig Ali Ahmed, Awadelrahman Doctoral Research Fellow
Mohammadi, Sara Doctoral Research Fellow
Monteiro, Eric Professor II +47-95213088 +47-95213088 95213088
Moradi Khanshan, Tohid Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Sayed Muchallil Muchallil, Sayed Doctoral Research Fellow
Mukherjee, Arunima Sehgal Researcher
Mukherjee, Arunima Sehgal Researcher
Mumtaz, Summaya Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ellen Munthe-Kaas Munthe-Kaas, Ellen Head of Department +47-22852801
Picture of Henrik Munthe-Kaas Munthe-Kaas, Henrik Higher Executive Officer +47-22852953
Picture of Katrine Myra Myra, Katrine Higher Executive Officer +47-22844811
Picture of Birger Møller-Pedersen Møller-Pedersen, Birger Professor +47 22 85 24 37 +47 91 82 72 79
Nematzadeh, Mozhdeh Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Davide Nicolini Nicolini, Davide Professor II
Picture of Petter Nielsen Nielsen, Petter Associate Professor +47 41506058 Information Systems, Information Infrastructure, HISP, DHIS2
Nilsen, Leif Professor II +47-22638447 47024924
Picture of Farhad Nooralahzadeh Nooralahzadeh, Farhad Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Farzan Majeed Noori Noori, Farzan Majeed Doctoral Research Fellow +47-91255115 Sensing, computer vision, Robotics, mental health
Picture of Pernille Adine Nordby Nordby, Pernille Adine Adviser +47-22840820
Nordmoen, Jørgen Halvorsen Doctoral Research Fellow
Norendal, Erlend Research Assistant
Picture of Jørgen Norendal Norendal, Jørgen Evolution, Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Adaptable systems, Reconfigurable hardware
Picture of Mehdi Noroozi Noroozi, Mehdi Engineer +47-22850457 IT support for education, Local IT support, IT support, IT services, IT support for research
Picture of Hani Nozari Mirarkolaei Nozari Mirarkolaei, Hani +47-47179461
Picture of Ståle Nygård Nygård, Ståle Senior Engineer +47-22840863 95129127 95129127
Nygaard, Tønnes Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Sigbjørn Næss Næss, Sigbjørn Associate Professor +47-22852410
Næss, Solveig Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Steffen Nøvik Nøvik, Steffen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Stephan Oepen Oepen, Stephan Professor +47-22840125 45466632 +47-4546 6632 language technology, Machine Learning
Picture of Knut Omang Omang, Knut Associate Professor +47-41462210
Orfanus, Dalimir
Oskarsen, Johanne Svanes Doctoral Research Fellow
Otten, Jens Researcher
Picture of Olaf Owe Owe, Olaf Professor +47-22852449 programming languages, semantics, formal methods, verification, concurrency, computer science, object-orientation
Owe, Tobias Luis Apprentice +47-95003850
Pan, Yushan
Picture of Sumit Pandey Pandey, Sumit Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Raissa Pershina Pershina, Raissa Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22852535
Picture of Andreas Petlund Petlund, Andreas Associate Professor +47-99273622
Picture of Matthieu Pinard Pinard, Matthieu Senior Engineer +47 917 33 409
Picture of Thomas Peter Plagemann Plagemann, Thomas Peter Professor +47-22852743
Picture of Olav Poppe Poppe, Olav Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ka I Pun Pun, Ka I Associate Professor +47-22840062
Picture of Peyman Rasouli Rasouli, Peyman Doctoral Research Fellow Machine Learning, Data Mining, Automated Reasoning, Formal Methods, Optimization
Picture of Ashish Rauniyar Rauniyar, Ashish PhD Candidate +47 67 23 88 64 +47-93985384 Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Wireless Communications
Ravishankar, Vinit Doctoral Research Fellow
Reang, Inger-Lise Administrative Manager +47-22840851
Reenskaug, Trygve Mikjel H Professor Emeritus +47-22495727
Riegler, Michael Alexander Researcher
Picture of Ole Marius Hoel Rindal Rindal, Ole Marius Hoel Doctoral Research Fellow 45612838
Picture of Torbjørn Rognes Rognes, Torbjørn Professor +47-22844787 +47-90755587 90755587 Life sciences, Bioinformatics, Algorithms, Programming, Parallelisation, Sequence analysis, DNA repair, metagenomics
Picture of Tor Rolfsen Grønsund Rolfsen Grønsund, Tor Adjunct assistant professor Digitalization, Entrepreneurship
Rolfsjord, Sigmund Johannes Ljosvoll
Picture of Knut-Helge Ronæs Rolland Rolland, Knut-Helge Ronæs Associate Professor +47-92882331 digitalization, digital innovation, digital platforms, agile software development, large-scale IT projects, IT governance, Research methods, Theory, Information systems
Roman, Dumitru Associate Professor
Rudan, Sasha
Picture of Ragnhild Kobro Runde Runde, Ragnhild Kobro Associate Professor +47-22840144
Picture of Sundeep Sahay Sahay, Sundeep Professor +47-22840073
Picture of Seyed Mohammad Reza Sajadi Sajadi, Seyed Mohammad Reza Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Amgad Hanafy Salem Salem, Amgad Hanafy Senior Engineer +47-22844784 +4746672931
Picture of Stefania Salvatore Salvatore, Stefania Researcher
Picture of Eigil Samset Samset, Eigil Professor II Artificial intelligence, deep learning, Machine Learning
Picture of Eivind Samuelsen Samuelsen, Eivind Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Adaptable systems, Evolution
Picture of Geir Kjetil Sandve Sandve, Geir Kjetil Associate Professor +47-22840861 +47-93853050 master tasks, genome analysis, bioinformatics
Picture of Stian Sandvold Sandvold, Stian Head Engineer
Picture of Terje Aksel Sanner Sanner, Terje Aksel Postdoctor +4791759827 +4791759827 health information systems, global health, Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs)
Picture of Diana Saplacan Saplacan, Diana Doctoral Research Fellow feedback, universal design, learning, robots, digital systems, elderly, young individuals
Picture of Rudolf Schlatte Schlatte, Rudolf Researcher +47-22852971 formal methods, computer science, programming language semantics, concurrency
Picture of Alice Frantz Schneider Schneider, Alice Frantz Doctoral Research Fellow circular economy, sustainable technology, sustainable development, recycling, Sustainability, restorative design, e-waste
Picture of Trenton Schulz Schulz, Trenton Doctoral Research Fellow robots, universal design, HCI, open source
Picture of Ingunn Gulliksen Semsøy Semsøy, Ingunn Gulliksen Senior Engineer +47 90271604
Picture of Wilfred Senyoni Senyoni, Wilfred
Picture of Endre Aalrust Shaw Shaw, Endre Aalrust Senior Engineer +47-22840825 IT support
Picture of Mozhdeh Sheibani Harat Sheibani Harat, Mozhdeh Senior Adviser +47-22840130 PhD, Exchange
Picture of Boris Simovski Simovski, Boris
Picture of Dag Sjøberg Sjøberg, Dag Professor +47-22840109 +47-92604578
Picture of Kristin Skar Skar, Kristin Senior Engineer +47-22852461 +47-92404514 Local IT support, IT support for research, IT support for education
Picture of Tom  Skauge Skauge, Tom Adjunct associate professor
Picture of Tor Skeie Skeie, Tor Professor +47-97199620
Skjerstad, Tronn Å. Adjunct associate professor
Picture of Martin Georg Skjæveland Skjæveland, Martin Georg Postdoctoral Fellow Semantic web, Logic, Ontologies, Databases, Data Integration, Data Exchange
Picture of Ståle Andreas van Dorp Skogstad Skogstad, Ståle Andreas van Dorp Associate Professor +47-22841692
Picture of Roar Skogstrøm Skogstrøm, Roar Lecturer +47-95849590 Artificial intelligence, Reconfigurable hardware, Robotics, Evolution, Adaptable systems
Picture of Espen Skorve Skorve, Espen Associate Professor
Picture of Rolf I. Skotheim Skotheim, Rolf I. Professor II +47-22781727
Picture of Ole-Johan Skrede Skrede, Ole-Johan Doctoral Research Fellow Medical image analysis, machine learning
Slaughter, Laura Associate Professor