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Larssen, Astrid Twenebowa Ansa-Quarshie Associate Professor
Picture of Adnan Latif Latif, Adnan Senior Adviser 45554689
Le, Tien Dat
Picture of Torgeir Lebesbye Lebesbye, Torgeir Senior Engineer +47 22852419
Leunbach, Daniel Lecturer +47 22840927 +47 98 83 70 24 Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Strategy
Picture of Magnus Li Li, Magnus Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Karoline Tufte Lien Lien, Karoline Tufte Senior Engineer +4792869892 Health Information Systems, Global South, Global Health
Picture of Morten Gunnar Bjørner Lindeberg Lindeberg, Morten Gunnar Bjørner Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22852849 93 43 43 86
Picture of Yngve Lindsjørn Lindsjørn, Yngve Senior Lecturer +47 22840856 +47 91549138
Picture of Ole Christian Lingjærde Lingjærde, Ole Christian Professor +47 22857964 +47 46636659 Bioinformatics
Lison, Pierre Associate Professor +47 22840123 +47 96799812
Llop Recha, Adrian Miguel Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jon Kristen Lærdahl Lærdahl, Jon Kristen Associate Professor +47 22844784 +47 99507335 Life sciences, Bioinformatics, ELIXIR Oslo
Picture of Jan Tore Lønning Lønning, Jan Tore Professor +47 22840120 +47 95795846
Løvdal, Nicolai Solberg Associate Professor Entrepreneurship
Picture of Henrik Hillestad Løvold Løvold, Henrik Hillestad Lecturer +47 22852437 +47 47810167
Picture of Dharani Dhar Maddali Maddali, Dharani Dhar Doctoral Research Fellow 3D Graphics, visualisations
Picture of Sabita Maharjan Maharjan, Sabita Associate Professor +47 22840837 Smart grid\; Vehicle-to-grid (V2G)\; Vehicular communication\; 5G\; Machine-to-machine communication\; Software defined wireless networking\; Internet of Things (IoT)\; Internet of vehicles (IoV)
Picture of Praveensankar Manimaran Manimaran, Praveensankar Doctoral Research Fellow Decentralized Identity, Blockchain, distributed computing, Applied Cryptography
Marek, Marcel
Picture of Charles Martin Martin, Charles Postdoctoral Fellow +47 920 14 165 Music Technology, HCI, Intelligent Systems, Mobile Applications, Improvisation, Collaborative Creativity, Percussion
Picture of Antonio Martini Martini, Antonio Associate Professor +47 93263619
Picture of Silvia Masiero Masiero, Silvia Associate Professor
Picture of Jasmina Masovic Masovic, Jasmina
Picture of Arne Maus Maus, Arne Professor Emeritus +47 22852451 object orientation, Algorithms, Parallel programming, sorting
Picture of Vasileios Mavroeidis Mavroeidis, Vasileios Researcher Security, Cybersecurity, Sikkerhet, Cybersikkerhet, Information Security, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Security Automation, SOAR, CTI
Picture of Andrea Merlina Merlina, Andrea Doctoral Research Fellow
Michaelsen, Jørgen Andreas Associate Professor
Picture of Omid Mirmotahari Mirmotahari, Omid Associate Professor +47 22857700 +47 45050045 45 05 00 45
Misund, Joakim Skjelbred Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Sara Mohammadi Mohammadi, Sara Doctoral Research Fellow Cybersecurity, energy informatics, energy markets, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence
Monteiro, Eric Adjunct Professor +47 95213088 +47 95213088 +4795213088
Moradi Khanshan, Tohid
Morland, Marie Lowzow Lecturer
Mughal, Umair Ahmad Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Arunima Sehgal Mukherjee Mukherjee, Arunima Sehgal Postdoctoral Fellow
Mukherjee, Arunima Sehgal Postdoctoral Fellow
Mumtaz, Summaya
Picture of Ellen Munthe-Kaas Munthe-Kaas, Ellen Associate Professor +47 22852801
Picture of Henrik Munthe-Kaas Munthe-Kaas, Henrik Senior Executive Officer +47 22852953
Picture of Katrine Myra Myra, Katrine Higher Executive Officer +47 22844811
Mæhlum, Petter Teaching staff
Picture of Birger Møller-Pedersen Møller-Pedersen, Birger +47 22852437 +47 91827279
Maartmann-Moe, Harald Doctoral Research Fellow
Nahali, Negar
Nematzadeh, Mozhdeh Doctoral Research Fellow
Nguyen, Chi Mai Postdoctoral Fellow
Nicholson, Brian Adjunct Professor
Picture of Petter Nielsen Nielsen, Petter Associate Professor +47 41506058 Information Systems, Digital Innovation, Platforms, HISP, DHIS2, Digital Global Public Goods, Frugal Innovation
Nikolaidis, Konstantinos
Picture of Farzan Majeed Noori Noori, Farzan Majeed Doctoral Research Fellow +47-91255115 Sensing, computer vision, Robotics, mental health
Picture of Pernille Adin Nordby Nordby, Pernille Adin - on leave
Norstein, Emma Stensby Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Hani Nozari Mirarkolaei Nozari Mirarkolaei, Hani +47-47179461
Nygaard, Tønnes Senior Lecturer
Picture of Kristian Nymoen Nymoen, Kristian Associate Professor +47 22841693 Motion analysis, Motion capture, Audio analysis, Music Information Retrieval, Machine Learning
Picture of Sven Peter Näsholm Näsholm, Sven Peter Associate Professor +47 22840068 beamforming, array signal processing, acoustic imaging, signal processing, ultrasound, infrasound, wave propagation, medical imaging, middle atmosphere, complex media
Picture of Sigbjørn Næss Næss, Sigbjørn Associate Professor +47 22852410
Næss, Solveig Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Steffen Nøvik Nøvik, Steffen Doctoral Research Fellow
O'Donnell, Brian Senior Adviser
Picture of Stephan Oepen Oepen, Stephan Professor, Head of Department +47-4546 6632 language technology, Machine Learning
Picture of Knut Omang Omang, Knut Associate Professor +47 41462210
Oskarsen, Johanne Svanes Doctoral Research Fellow
Otten, Jens Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Olaf Owe Owe, Olaf semantics, object-orientation, formal methods, concurrency, privacy, information security, language-based security, verification, programming languages
Picture of Olaf Owe Owe, Olaf +47 22852449 semantics, object-orientation, formal methods, concurrency, computer science, verification, programming languages
Picture of Olaf Owe Owe, Olaf +47 22852449 semantics, object-orientation, formal methods, concurrency, computer science, verification, programming languages
Pavlovic, Milena Doctoral Research Fellow
Perinpanathan, Milla Executive Officer
Picture of Raissa Pershina Pershina, Raissa Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22852535 Entrepreneurship, Digitalization, Digital innovation, Sustainability transition, Research methods, Organizations
Picture of Lene Pettersen Pettersen, Lene Associate Professor 41135061 digitalization, digitalisering, business model innovation, Innovation, social media, sharing economy, digital platforms, anthropology
Pham, Hoang Minh Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Matthieu Pinard Pinard, Matthieu Senior Engineer +47 91733409
Picture of Thomas Peter Plagemann Plagemann, Thomas Peter Professor +47 22852743
Picture of Olav Poppe Poppe, Olav Senior Engineer
Picture of Ka I Pun Pun, Ka I Associate Professor +47 22840062
Qu, Yuanwei Doctoral Research Fellow
Quinn, Candice Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Habibur Rahman Rahman, Habibur Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840833 +47 41220591
Picture of Toktam Ramezanifarkhani Ramezanifarkhani, Toktam Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22840137 Information Technology, Information Security, Software and Programming Languages, Security Management, network security
Rand, Knut Dagestad Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Peyman Rasouli Rasouli, Peyman Doctoral Research Fellow Machine Learning, Explainable AI, Knowledge Discovery, Computational Intelligence
Picture of Ashish Rauniyar Rauniyar, Ashish PhD Research Fellow +47 67 23 88 64 +47-93985384 Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Wireless Communications
Ravishankar, Vinit Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Inger-Lise Reang Reang, Inger-Lise Administrative Manager +47 22840851
Reenskaug, Trygve Professor Emeritus +47 468 58 625
Picture of Enrico Riccardi Riccardi, Enrico Postdoctoral Fellow
Rimehaug, Atle Eskeland Doctoral Research Fellow +47 93876685
Picture of Ole Marius Hoel Rindal Rindal, Ole Marius Hoel Postdoctoral Fellow +4745612838
Rodarte, Leonardo Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Torbjørn Rognes Rognes, Torbjørn Professor +47 22844787 +4790755587 Life sciences, Bioinformatics, Algorithms, Parallelisation, Microbiome
Picture of Tor Rolfsen Grønsund Rolfsen Grønsund, Tor Adjunct assistant professor Information systems, digital innovation, entrepreneurship, AI, datafication
Rolfsjord, Sigmund Johannes Ljosvoll
Roman, Dumitru Associate Professor
Rozanska, Marta Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ragnhild Kobro Runde Runde, Ragnhild Kobro Associate Professor +47 22840144
Russpatrick, Scott Mc Kee Senior Engineer +47 93035184
Røstad, Lillian Associate Professor
Sabadelli, Edoardo Head Engineer