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Tags: Machine Learning, Security, Unsupervised Learning, Bayesian Learning, Causality, Sparsity, AI Safety


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  • Egiazarov, Alexander; Zennaro, Fabio Massimo & Mavroeidis, Vasileios (2020). Firearm Detection via Convolutional Neural Networks: Comparing a Semantic Segmentation Model Against End-to-End Solutions.
  • Zennaro, Fabio Massimo (2020). A Left Realist Critique of the Political Value of Adopting Machine Learning Systems in Criminal Justice.
  • Egiazarov, Alexander; Mavroeidis, Vasileios; Vishi, Kamer & Zennaro, Fabio Massimo (2019). Firearm Detection and Segmentation using an Ensemble of Semantic Neural Networks.
  • Zennaro, Fabio Massimo (2019). Analyzing and Storing Network Intrusion Detection Data using Bayesian Coresets: A Preliminary Study in Offline and Streaming Settings.
  • Zennaro, Fabio Massimo & Ivanovska, Magdalena (2018). Pooling of Causal Models under Counterfactual Fairness via Causal Judgement Aggregation.
  • Zennaro, Fabio Massimo & Ivanovska, Magdalena (2018). Counterfactually Fair Prediction Using Multiple Causal Models.

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