Philipp Dominik Häfliger

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Phone +47 22840118
Room 5414
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 23 B Ole-Johan Dahls hus 0373 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1080 Blindern 0316 Oslo

Academic Interests

Biomedical Circuits and Systems, Neuromorphic Electronics





Truong Thi Kim Nga (2020-2022)


Goncalo Almeida 1/2021-12/2023

Candice Quinn, 11/2019-12/2021

Steffen Nøvikk, 6/2018-5/2021

Mozhdeh Nematzadeh 10/2016-9/2020

Girish Subbarao, 9/2015-3/2020


Steinar Andresen, since Fall 2020 (main supervisor: Sony Automotive Oslo)

Tonny Nguyen Duc Do, since Fall 2020 (main supervisor: Sony Automotive Oslo)

Magnus Børresen Grøndalen, since Fall 2020

Jurgen Asko, since Fall 2020 (main supervisor: Nordic Semiconductor)

William Tanum Pasnin, since Fall 2020 (main supervisor: Nordic Semiconductor)

Audrius Stankunas, since Fall 2020

Emil Wegger Hultin, since Fall 2020

Jens Bulukin, since Fall 2020

Haiatullah Gholam, since Fall 2019 (main supervisor: Joar Østby)

Line Le, since Fall 2019 (main supervisor: Johanness Sølhusvik)

Zhijian Zhou, since Fall 2019

Ivar Kjellsvig Egeland, since Fall 2019 (main supervisor: Ketil Røed)

Diriba Tasfaye Dumesso, since Fall 2019

Badi Ur Rehman, since Fall 2019

Alireza Eskandari Turk, since Fall 2019

Kosar Nozari Mirarkolaei, since Fall 2018


Tags: Life sciences, Electronics, Microelectronics, Nanoelectronics, Integrated circuits, Neuromorphic systems, Micro-implants, Machine Learning, USA


  • Roy, Avisek; Marchetti, Luca; Azadmehr, Mehdi; Häfliger, Philipp; Ta, Bao Quoc & Aasmundtveit, Knut (2020). Characterization of Polysilicon Microstructures to Estimate Local Temperature on CMOS Chips, In  2020 IEEE 8th Electronics System-Integration Technology Conference (ESTC).  IEEE.  ISBN 978-1-7281-6293-5.  Conference Paper. Show summary
  • Subbarao, Girish Aramanekoppa & Häfliger, Philipp (2020). Design and Comparison of Synthesizable Fair Asynchronous Arbiter, In Mohamad Sawan & Mounir Boukadoum (ed.),  Annual IEEE Northeast Workshop on Circuits and Systems.  IEEE.  ISBN 978-1-4673-0859-5.  paper.  s 122 - 125
  • Nematzadeh, Mozhdeh; Häfliger, Philipp Dominik; Samadpoor Rikan, Behnam; Nøvik, Steffen & Østby, Joar Martin (2019). Low Noise Combined Optical-Chemical CMOS Sensor For Biomedical Application. The ... Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems conference proceedings.  ISSN 1548-3746.  2019-August, s 394- 398 . doi: 10.1109/MWSCAS.2019.8885280
  • Roy, Avisek; Azadmehr, Mehdi; Häfliger, Philipp; Ta, Bao Quoc & Aasmundtveit, Knut Eilif (2019). Direct Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes in CMOS-Layout of Micro-heaters. IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology.  ISSN 1944-9399.  2018-July, s 1- 4 . doi: 10.1109/NANO.2018.8626363 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
  • Roy, Avisek; Azadmehr, Mehdi; Ta, Bao Quoc; Häfliger, Philipp & Aasmundtveit, Knut (2019). Design and fabrication of CMOS microstructures to locally synthesize carbon nanotubes for gas sensing. Sensors.  ISSN 1424-8220.  19(19) . doi: 10.3390/s19194340 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
  • Farian, Lukasz; Häfliger, Philipp & Leñero-Bardallo, Juan Antonio (2018). A Miniaturized Two-Axis Ultra Low Latency and Low-Power Sun Sensor for Attitude Determination of Micro Space Probes. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers.  ISSN 1549-8328.  65(5), s 1543- 1554 . doi: 10.1109/TCSI.2017.2763990
  • Buccino, Alessio Paolo; Hagen, Espen; Einevoll, Gaute; Häfliger, Philipp & Cauwenberghs, Gert (2018). Independent Component Analysis for Fully Automated Multi-Electrode Array Spike Sorting, In Nigel Lovell (ed.),  Annual Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.  IEEE conference proceedings.  ISBN 9781538636473.  paper.  s 2627 - 2630
  • Buccino, Alessio Paolo; Kordovan, Michael; Ness, Torbjørn V; Merkt, Benjamin; Häfliger, Philipp; Fyhn, Marianne; Cauwenberghs, Gert; Rotter, Stefan & Einevoll, Gaute (2018). Combining biophysical modeling and deep learning for multielectrode array neuron localization and classification. Journal of Neurophysiology.  ISSN 0022-3077.  120(3), s 1212- 1232 . doi: 10.1152/jn.00210.2018 Full text in Research Archive.

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  • Häfliger, Philipp (2020). Introduction : The 3D-MUSE project.
  • Häfliger, Philipp & Mikkelsen, Mikkel (2020). Ultra dense 3D integrated circuits and pixel parallel pro- cessing image sensors.

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