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Associate Professor - Digitalisation
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Room 6164
Other affiliations Department of Education (Student)

Lene is an associate professor in Digital innovation and is in charge of and lecture in the Digital economy and leadership BA-program's strategy course. She also lectures in different courses in the master’s programme on IT and management. Lene has written a textbook about Strategy.

Lene holds a Cand. Mag. degree in social anthropology, sociology and hypermedia from the University of Oslo, and film and media science from the University of Copenhagen. She has a Cand. Polit. Degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Oslo (2000), and a PhD in Business and Economics with her specialization in Strategic Management from BI Norwegian Business School (2015). Her doctoral research concerned social enterprise media for internal collaboration in multinational organizations.

Lene’s research is positioned in the intercept technology strategy and social anthropology. Currently, her work is concerned with digital platforms, business model innovation, digitalization, the digital economy, digital strategy, artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms, social media, innovation, digital platforms and ecosystems in public and private organizations, knowledge working practices, digital leadership, and privacy, to mention a few. Currently, she works with the research project "Data as value creator in business models" in which examine organizations' use of 'digital data' in their business models, and the potential and barriers for using data as a value creator for organizations.

Lene has recently published in journals like Work, Employment and Society and Nordicom Review and her latest studies has focused on the sharing economy, rating mechanisms in the digital landscape, the relationship between artificial intelligence and complex knowledge work, business model innovation in the media industry, how algorithms are part of business models in the media industry, potential unintended societal consequences of digitalization,as well as the matching machinery in internet dating platforms (forthcoming).

Lene's research has been covered in national news media such as Aftenposten, Dagens Næringsliv, VG, Dagbladet and NRK. She is a frequently used speaker at business and academic conferences and seminars in Norway and abroad.

Lene describes her research and work as interdisciplinary and with insights and knowledge relevant to both research and practice. Methodologically, she uses her anthropological tools such as ethnographic field work (inclusive netnography), qualitative in-depth interviews, as well as text-analysis and social network analysis when doing research. She has extensive teaching experience in strategy, social media, digital communication, organizational design and organizing, as well as qualitative methods.

Lene has considerable experience from the public as well as the industry due to working four years as a consultant/conceptdeveloper/IA/ID and more at Bouvet ASA, and six years as a senior communication advisor in Statped.Previously, Lene worked as an associate professor and program coordinator of the BA in Strategy and PR at Westerdals Oslo ACT, as an associate professor at Kristiania University College, as a senior researcher at SIFO Consumer Research Norway, as well as a lecturer at the Department of media and communication at the University of Oslo. She is a boardmember of the Center for Interdiciplinary Media research's (STM), and was one of the two editors of a special issue of Norsk medietidsskrift on behalf of STM, about algorithms, automatization and data analytics in the digital media landscape (1/2019). Since 2012 and until 2019, she lectured at the Department of Communication and Culture, at BI Norwegian Business School, in their Digital Communication Management ​Executive MBA program. Lene was one of the initiators of establishing the girl geek dinner Oslo network in 2010. Finally, she had a position II at Rakett Television as an anthropology-expert in the fifth and sixth Norwegian version of the realityshow Married at first sight.

Lenes' Twitter id is @LeneGBP

Tags: digitalization, digitalisering, business model innovation, Innovation, social media, sharing economy, digital platforms, anthropology


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  • Pettersen, Lene & Larsson, Anders Olof (2016). The winners take it all: A comparative study of Twitter campaigns under pressure. First Monday.  ISSN 1396-0466.  21(11) . doi: 10.5210/fm.v21i11.6815 Show summary
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  • Pettersen, Lene & Brandtzæg, Petter Bae (2012). Privacy challenges in Enterprise 2.0. Selected Papers of Internet Research, SPIR.  ISSN 2162-3317. Show summary

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  • Pettersen, Lene (2020). Hva er strategi?. Universitetsforlaget.  ISBN 978-82-1502699-2.  187 s. Show summary
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