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Room 10460
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 23B 0373 Oslo
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Course I teach in Spring:  Programming Ubiquitous Things (IN5600)

Course I teach in Autumn:  Fog Computing (IN5700)

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>>> Master Thesis Topics for 2022:  see here


>>> Keywords:  support for programming with replication, programming of mobile devices, concurrency / parallelism, software security, algorithms for garbage collection, software adaptability.

>>> Degrees

Paulo Ferreira holds a PhD from the University of Pierre et Marie Curie (1996) in Computer Science. His MSc (1992) and BSc (1988) are both from  Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon) in Electrotechnical Engineering. He holds the “ agregação ” since November 2009 from the same University and collaborates with INESC ID where he did research for several years in the Distributed Systems Group.

He has published, as author or co-author, more than 120 articles in international journals and conferences, 1 scientific book, 11 book chapters, a pedagogical book (with 3 editions, being one in Brazil), serves on various program committees (e.g. Middleware, ICDCS, DAIS, etc.), served as an expert to the European Union for assessment of projects proposals under the 7th Framework Program, led more than 15 research projects, was one of the founders and board officer of EuroSys (ACM - European Chapter of the Special Interest Group on Operating Systems) being currently member of the Steering Committee; he is also a member of the Steering Committee of the ACM/IFIP/Usenix Middleware and ACM/IFIP/Usenix Adaptive and Reflective Middleware (ARM). He is currently member of the editorial board of the Springer Journal of Internet Services and Applications

He is senior member of ACM and IEEE, was awarded two Best Paper Awards at international events (ACM/IFIP/Usenix Middleware Conference, level A in both CORE and RADIST rankings), 1 Recognition of Service Award from ACM, his PhD thesis was top ranked at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, and in the academic years of 2010/2011 (2nd semester) and 2013/14 (1st semester) he was awarded the mention of “excellent teaching” at the University of Lisbon in the courses of Mobile Computing (MSc, 1st year) and Operating Systems (BSc, 2nd year), respectively.


>>> PhD Thesis Supervision

Currently supervising the following PhD students:

- Mahdieh Kamalian ( - detecting automatically what transport mode you are using with a smartphone.

- Maged Helmy ( - improve with Artificial Intelligence the speed at which a medical capillary video and photos is analysed

- Sanaz Tavakolisomeh ( - picking the best GC possible and execute a Java application with the it 

- Lyla Naghipour Vijouyeh - create a fog emulator that is capable of dealing with moving and stationary devices

The full list can be found in the following link:PhD Thesis

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Tags: distributed systems, programming of mobile devices, concurrency / parallelism / replication, fog and cloud computing, software security, algorithms for garbage collection, software adaptability.


  • Helmy, Maged; Truong, Trung Tuyen; Dykyy, Anastasiya; Ferreira, Paulo & Jul, Eric Bartley (2022). CapillaryNet: An automated system to quantify skin capillary density and red blood cell velocity from handheld vital microscopy. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. ISSN 0933-3657. 127. doi: 10.1016/j.artmed.2022.102287. Full text in Research Archive
  • Kamalian, Mahdieh; Ferreira, Paulo & Jul, Eric Bartley (2022). A survey on local transport mode detection on the edge of the network. Applied intelligence (Boston). ISSN 0924-669X. doi: 10.1007/s10489-022-03214-y.
  • Tavakolisomeh, Sanaz; Bruno, Rodrigo & Ferreira, Paulo (2021). Selecting a GC for Java Applications. Norsk Informatikkonferanse (NIK). Full text in Research Archive
  • Matre, Dagfinn; Christensen, Jan Olav; Mork, Paul Jarle; Ferreira, Paulo; Sand, Trond & Nilsen, Kristian Bernhard (2021). Shift work, inflammation and musculoskeletal pain. The HUNT Study. Occupational Medicine. ISSN 0962-7480. 71(9), p. 422–427. doi: 10.1093/occmed/kqab133.
  • Ferreira, Paulo; Zavgorodnii, Constantin & Veiga, Luìs (2020). edgeTrans - Edge transport mode detection. Pervasive and Mobile Computing. ISSN 1574-1192. 69. doi: 10.1016/j.pmcj.2020.101268. Full text in Research Archive
  • Bruno, Rodrigo; Patricio, Duarte; Simão, José; Veiga, Luìs & Ferreira, Paulo (2019). Runtime Object Lifetime Profiler for Latency Sensitive Big Data Applications, EuroSys '19: Fourteenth EuroSys Conference 2019. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). ISSN 978-1-4503-6281-8. doi: 10.1145/3302424.3303988.
  • Ferreira, Paulo; Zabolotny, Andriy & Barreto, João (2019). Bicycle Mode Activity Detection with Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons. In Gkoulalas-Divanis, Aris; Marchetti, Mirco & Avresky, Dimiter R. (Ed.), 2019 IEEE 18th International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications (NCA). IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). ISSN 978-1-7281-2522-0. doi: 10.1109/NCA.2019.8935030.

View all works in Cristin

View all works in Cristin

  • Kamalian, Mahdieh & Ferreira, Paulo (2022). FogTMDetector - Fog Based Transport Mode Detection using Smartphones.
  • Ferreira, Paulo (2018). Foreword for the 19th ACM/IFIP/USENIX Middleware Conference. In Ferreira, Paulo (Eds.), Proceedings of the 19th International Middleware Conference. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). ISSN 978-1-4503-5702-9. p. 1–3.
  • Ferreira, Paulo & Bruno, Rodrigo (2018). Live Migration and Garbage Collection for Big Data Java Applications.

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