Volker Stolz

Associate Professor - Programming
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Phone +47 22852438
Room GA06 9461
Available hours by appointment
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 23B 0373 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1080 0316 Oslo

Please see this page for details.

Tags: formal methods, model transformation, UML


[1] Dan Li, Xiaoshan Li, Volker Stolz. QVT-based model transformation using XSLT. ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes Vol.36 Issue 1, 2011. [ DOI ]
[1] V. Stolz. Temporal Assertions with Parametrized Propositions. J. Log. Comput. 20(3): 743-757 (2010) [ DOI ].
[1] V. Stolz. An integrated multi-view model evolution framework. Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering, December 2009. [ DOI ]
[3] Z. Chen, Z. Liu, A. P. Ravn, V. Stolz, and N. Zhan. Refinement and verification in component-based model driven design. Science of Computer Programming, 74(4):168-196, Feb. 2009. Special Issue on the Grand Challenge.[ DOI ]
[4] B. Lei, X. Li, Z. Liu, C. Morisset, and V. Stolz. Robustness testing for software components. J. Science of Computer Programming, 2010. [ DOI ]
[5] Z. Liu, C. Morisset, and V. Stolz. rCOS: theory and tools for component-based model driven development. FSEN 2009.
[6] Z. Chen, C. Morisset, and V. Stolz. Specification and validation of behavioural protocols in the rCOS modeler. FSEN 2009.

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  • Ahishakiye, Faustin; Requeno Jarabo, Jose Ignacio; Stolz, Volker & Kristensen, Lars Michael (2020). Coverage Analysis of Net Inscriptions in Coloured Petri Net Models. Proceedings of 14th International Conference on Verification and Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems (VEC0S2020),Springer International Publishing.  ISBN 978-3-030-65955-4.  16 s.
  • Carvalho, Gustavo & Stolz, Volker (ed.) (2020). Formal Methods: Foundations and Applications. Springer.  ISBN 978-3-030-63882-5.  229 s.
  • Pun, Ka I; Stolz, Volker & Simao, Adenilso (ed.) (2020). Theoretical Aspects of Computing – ICTAC 2020. Springer.  ISBN 978-3-030-64275-4.  317 s.
  • Wang, Rui; Artho, Cyrille; Kristensen, Lars Michael & Stolz, Volker (2020). Multi-objective Search for Model-based Testing. IEEE conference proceedings.  ISBN 978-1-7281-8914-7.  12 s. Show summary
  • Ahishakiye, Faustin; Stolz, Volker; Jaksic, Svetlana; Lange, Felix Dino; Schmitz, Malte & Thoma, Daniel (2019). Non-intrusive MC/DC measurement based on traces. Proceedings of the 2019 International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Software Engineering (TASE 2019), IEEE.  ISBN 978-1-7281-3342-3.  7 s.
  • Ahishakiye, Faustin; Stolz, Volker & Kristensen, Lars Michael (2019). Generating test cases satisfying MC/DC from BDDs. Proceedings of the 31st Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory 2019.  ISBN 978-9949-83-520-1.  3 s.
  • Mann, Zoltan Adam & Stolz, Volker (ed.) (2018). Advances in Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing. Springer.  ISBN 978-3-319-79089-3.  194 s.

View all works in Cristin

View all works in Cristin

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